How To Create Your Own Unique Style Mixing Modern And Vintage Pieces

Vintage fashion, secondhand clothing items, and outfits from thrift stores are trending more than ever. According to Lyst's annual Year in Fashion report, there were thousands of new searches for "vintage fashion" last year, with entries including related keywords increasing by 104%. The popularity will only continue to grow, as the industry is expected to be twice the size of fast fashion by 2030 (via ThredUp).

The rise of vintage, secondhand, and thrifted clothing can be attributed to the way it allows for creative looks, its affordability, and how sustainable it is, since literal tons of clothes end up in landfills each year (via Reader's Digest).

Of course, many still enjoy shopping for trendy items that have just been released, as well. One great way to get in on this trend is to mix vintage pieces with modern ones. Follow the tips below, blending old and new and creating your own unique style!

Try centering outfits around one vintage piece

One common way to rock vintage clothes is by building a look around one specific piece.

As pointed out by Breakfast with Audrey, you may have a statement piece that seems hard to fit into your wardrobe. The best approach is to keep it simple. For instance, a blouse from decades ago, featuring a bold print or ruffles, could be paired with classic jeans and black booties, to let the shirt speak for itself. A great jacket that was passed down to you could have a sleek and simple dress under it.

This is also a great way to highlight treasures from the past. Sammy Davis Vintage's website reports that mod dresses, silk shawls, and beaded dresses from the 1920s are some of the most sought-after vintage clothing items. You wouldn't want to cover them up or distract from them, so opt for simpler items, when it comes to building out the rest of your look.

Opt for vintage basics

Another go-to option, when it comes to wearing vintage items, is to focus on basics.

Chronically Vintage lists out things such as A-line skirts, pumps, denim, and pencil skirts as essentials, as they can be mixed and matched with so many other parts of your wardrobe. A thrifted skirt can be dressed up, when worn with a silk shirt and heels, or down, when paired with sneakers and a graphic tee, for example.

Since secondhand items can be more affordable at times, too, this is a wise way to save. Find plain white T-shirts, jeans, and other staples in thrift stores, at garage sales, or on websites like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and Depop. Additionally, take advice from Gentleman's Gazette by browsing for certain pieces during the off-seasons, which could lead to a bargain on, say, an overcoat in the summer. Then, you can easily incorporate them into your everyday style.

Get inspired by style icons

Some final advice on mixing modern and vintage fashion is to take inspiration from style icons, and one of the best would be Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City." As stated by All The Dresses, she was known for combining vibrant clothes and accessories from different eras with outfits that were undeniably modern. We may not all be able to afford all the designer items she had in her closet, but we can appreciate how she was always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind, must-have pieces.

In today's day and age, there are also numerous bloggers and influencers who specialize in vintage fashion. So while scrolling through social media, you can spot and shop for a brand-new top or pair of shoes. Seconds later, you can come across a neat way to style an old hat or a hand-me-down purse. And then, you can use all of these to create one amazing ensemble.