How To Apply TikTok's 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' To Your Everyday Life

Move over wishing stars and four-leaf clovers, lucky girl syndrome is the new way to add a little luck to your life. Some lucky ladies have claimed that the TikTok-viral lucky girl syndrome can change your fortune. This might sound like just another passing trend, but creators claim that the results speak for themselves.

Creator Laura Galebe explains the phenomenon in a viral TikTok, saying, "It feels like the odds are completely in my favor." She claims that the key to embracing this universe-given luck is to genuinely believe that good things will always happen to you simply because you have manifested them. Those who follow the lucky girl syndrome mantra claim that the universe will reward you for "being delusional" and expecting for things to always work out. Whether you're a total skeptic or you've been known to carry around a rabbit's foot just in case, lucky girl syndrome might change your life, because it changes your perspective.

This optimistic viral trend gives girls the confidence to manifest their goals

To claim the lucky girl energy, try saying positive, present-tense phrases that remind you how lucky you are. Affirmations like "I am so lucky," "things are always working out for me," and "I am attracting everything I need" have all gone viral on TikTok. Those who believe in "lucky girl syndrome" say these mantras to manifest things like new job offers, finding romance, and achieving self-love.

While discussing the benefits of lucky girl syndrome recovery counselor Erica Spiegelman told Poosh, "When we focus our energies on what we desire and how that would bring us real emotional change, there is clarity and a point where we make choices and change our thought habits into more positive ones that ultimately support the manifestation as well." It may feel like pure luck, but what you're actually doing is refocusing your perspective and acknowledging the good things that happen to you. When you reframe your mindset, you're more likely to notice the good that comes back to you.

This viral trend has actually brought people some real luck — in the form of dollar bills. TikTok user @meghanguilbeax shared a video enjoying a cocktail at a casino, saying "I am so lucky, good things always happen to us!" After saying the mantra, the video shows she hit a jackpot on a slot machine. Users have taken to the comments section to "claim" this video's energy, in hopes that the same luck will happen to them.

Does 'lucky girl syndrome' really work?

Lucky girl syndrome is a great way to refocus your mindset and bring good energy to every situation you find yourself in. But it is only the first step towards real, tangible change.

While positive self-talk and manifesting are great ways to encourage good energy, you still have to take action afterward. Claiming that things will work out for you by simply waiting for good things to happen isn't exactly the message of lucky girl syndrome. Saying the lucky girl mantra is in addition to your daily grind, continued work ethic, and active pursuit of your goals. Stressful situations and difficulties are inevitable; use the mantra as a supplemental guide to encourage you and remind you to hold your head high, because, in the end, things always work out for you.

There is also a downside to being too positive. When practicing lucky girl syndrome, be careful not to drift into toxic positivity. Too much positivity can lead to ignoring other emotions such as sadness, anger, and disappointment. Our bodies and minds use our range of emotions to inform us when something isn't good for us anymore. While no one enjoys feeling those things, it's important that people acknowledge their negative feelings so that they can make necessary changes. When implementing lucky girl syndrome into your daily life, make sure you aren't ignoring red flags for the sake of having a positive outlook.