How To Revive Damaged Nails After Too Many Gel Manicures

A gel manicure is a perfect addition to any outfit. It's the kind of all-purpose accessory that can be subtle, like the clean girl nail trend, or it can be a statement in its own right — pierced, stiletto nails anyone? However, this beauty blessing can be a curse in disguise. Although you'll get a longer-lasting manicure, chip-free polish, and a shine like freshly polished crystal, nail damage also makes the list. Too many gel manicures can ruin your nails, leaving them peeling, dry, and brittle.

It's important that you don't ignore the signs of suffering nails. It's all too easy to schedule another manicure and use the newest trending color coat to hide your worries. However, that nail polish covering up the underlying issues can exacerbate the problem. Fortunately, there are several ways to revive damaged nails after too many gel manicures. Your nails can even become strong and healthy with a little tender loving care. Plus, you'll still be able to enjoy getting them done. 

Moisturization is the key to repairing nail damage

The first step to reviving damaged nails is restoring their moisture, which is where hand cream and cuticle oil come in. Up to twice a day, you need to take a moment to deliver the necessary nutrients and vitamins to your cuticles using oil (via Healthline). One drop on each finger is will do the trick, and then massage it in. Bee You Organics has an all-natural cuticle oil loaded with vitamin E to strengthen your nails. It's best to apply the oil before bed and after your skincare routine to avoid doing activities with greasy fingertips.

When it comes to nail care, washing your hands isn't just about soap and water, but the coveted third step: lotion. Hand cream restores hydration that handwashing can strip away. And don't forget to lather up your nail beds. Wear gloves to avoid removing the natural oils from your skin and nails too. Whether you're cleaning a sink full of dishes or washing your dog, protecting your nails from too much water exposure and chemicals is hugely important. You don't want to wash away the nail repair you're building. 

Extra-strength treatments to fight dry and brittle nails

For severely damaged nails, there are plenty of treatments to restore protein and other nutrients, of which keratin is among the most popular. Keratin is the protein building block required to keep our hair, skin, and nails healthy and strong. As Thea Green, director of Nails Inc, explained to YOU magazine: "Keratin treatments help to stop your nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking as they work to rebuild your nails' structure." This remedy results in longer and stronger nails. 

You can ask your nail salon about keratin treatments or opt for at-home versions. Vitalixir Natural Nail Treatment is an easy-to-use keratin builder that's perfect for starting your nail repair journey. Elsewhere, biotin is another crucial nail-strengthening boost. Biotin is vitamin B7, and deficiency of this nutrient can lead to issues in your hair, skin, and nails. Nail-Aid's Biotin Ultimate Strength combats soft, cracking nails. 

However, the best way to avoid needing these treatments in the first place is simply to take a break from your regular manicure cycle. After removing your gel polish, wait a week or two before getting the next nail trend. It's better to rock clear polish for a week than peeling nail beds for longer. Also, learn how to take care of your nails after getting a gel manicure. Remember, the base for a great manicure is healthy nails.