Why You Should Think Twice Before Trying The Viral Blow Dryer Lash Curling Hack

TikTok beauty hacks can be a godsend. These tips birth inspiration for new makeup ideas and are innovative on how to use cosmetics differently. Some require second thoughts, like dunking your full face of makeup into ice water. Others are pure genius and make you think, "Why haven't I thought of that?" However, before jumping on the bandwagon, it is important to know if the ride is safe. A viral beauty hack involving your eyelashes and a blow dryer is causing optometrists to speak out.

Using a blow dryer incorrectly can cause serious issues. The dryer's hot and forceful air has the potential to burn your hair. Curly-babes know this struggle all too well. The power of a blow dryer was too strong and, hence, diffusers were born, saving the day and the curls. But before you fall down the rabbit hole of this new lash-curling hack, here's why you should put the blow dryer down.

Blow drying your lashes can cause eye damage

At first glance, blowing your eyelashes seems like a harmless beauty hack. Those who try it end up with curled lashes in mere seconds, so it's rather tempting to join in. However, blow-drying your eyelashes is dangerous. Despite safety precautions, like only using the cool setting, it can harm your eyes and eyelids. The forceful air on your eyes dries out your pupils. According to the National Eye Institute, dry eyes can cause stinging, burning, and red eyeballs. It can also impact your sight, leaving you with light sensitivity and blurry vision. 

Optometrist Dr. Parisa says along with dry eyes, this method can cause corneal melt, a condition that leads to corneal perforation. These eye injuries can lead to blindness. The blow dryer can also blow particles into your eye, like fragments in the air or even makeup, which can scratch your eye's surface. It is similar to a windy day outdoors where dirt, leaves, and anything floating around can attack. Though using this method may be tempting, there are safe ways to curl your lashes without jeopardizing your peepers.

Danger-free ways to curl your lashes

The most common way to bump and lift your eyelashes is with a lash curler. Traditional lash curlers are made from metal and come with replaceable rubber tips. You can find them at drug stores or beauty supply chains for low prices, and they can last a long time. The right lash curler for your eyes will depend on your eye shape and lash length. It just takes a few clamps, and voilà. You'll have curled lashes without the risk of eye damage. Lash curlers are typically small and convenient to transport for an on-the-go refresh.

Nowadays, the eyelash curler has received an upgrade. Rechargeable and battery-powered heated lash curlers are the matrimony of beauty and tech. They create lashes with more defined curls that last longer. It's like how a curling iron beats out hair rollers every time. For a safe beauty hack, you can transform a traditional lash curler into a heated one. Run your metal curler under hot water or warm it up with a blow dryer for less than a minute. The eyelash curler should be warm, not hot, and safe to hold against your skin. When the temperature checks out, curl away. No falsies required, no dry eyes — just fabulous lashes.