Who Is Rachel Hollis' Boyfriend, Cez Darke?

Self-help author, motivational speaker, and podcaster Rachel Hollis has had a tumultuous career in recent years. After her (since deleted) online video triggered a huge backlash in April 2021 — in which she compared herself to Harriet Tubman — Hollis' scandals seemed to only snowball. Professional and personal woes co-mingled as her marriage to former Disney executive Dave Hollis fell through in June 2020. This came as a surprise to fans who had attended her 2018 couple's conference "Rise Together."

Though split, the co-parenting duo faced their most tragic loss yet this month. Dave Hollis died on February 11. Rachel Hollis' existing relationship with her ex-husband left her shocked and "devastated" at the news. "I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them," the "Girl Wash Your Face" author posted on Instagram.

In light of her ex-husband's passing, attention has turned towards Rachel Hollis' boyfriend, Cez Darke, who we can only assume is comforting her during this trying time. It seems that Darke has provided some respite from the professional and personal rollercoaster Hollis had found herself on since rising to fame.

Cez Darke made his debut on Rachel Hollis Instagram in July 2021

More than a year after posting the news that she and Dave Hollis had split, Rachel Hollis soft-launched her boyfriend Cez Darke on the social platform in July 2021. Though his face was covered and he wasn't officially tagged, the heart-captioned emoji and signature curls seem to indicate that this is the first time Darke appeared on Hollis' page, according to Hollis' followers and social media snoops on Reddit.

"I am pretty sure it's Cez Darke," said one Reddit user who had done some investigation on social media pages. "He has big curly hair like that. A lot of people on her post seemed to think for some reason that it's her brother and there was some date significance but I don't think. On Cez's Instagram, he has a post from NY and there's one photo of him at the end. Once you see that photo, it's pretty clear that Rachel's photo was him (in my opinion anyway.)"

In October 2021, Rachel posted a clearer photo of herself and Darke at a birthday celebration. Though she hadn't yet officially identified Darke as her boyfriend, the picture shows that the two had a natural chemistry (find someone who looks at you like Darke looks at Hollis in that pic).

Cez Darke is Rachel Hollis' 'second favorite Brit' per her birthday post to him

The Austin-based writer found herself in love with a man from across the Atlantic. On May 23, 2022, Rachel Hollis posted a celebratory Instagram photo wishing Cez Darke a happy birthday, revealing that he is British. "Happy Birthday to my favorite Brit!" Hollis wrote. "Actually . . . I forgot about Maggie Smith. She's an icon," Hollis added. "Happy birthday to my second favorite Brit!" Clearly, the two know how to poke fun at one another.

Per his LinkedIn and Twitter, Darke is based out of the United Kingdom. However, his extensive experience in the music and touring industry has made him a keen traveler. A graduate of Hollyfield School, Darke studied English language and literature, geography, and politics. He broke into the music industry as a tour manager in 2006 and has since worked with stars like Robert Plant and Rita Ora.

But Darke isn't just Hollis' second favorite Brit. After connecting some dots, many fans have suspected him of being the mystery beau she had hinted at as her "second first kiss" in a video posted to YouTube. Light-hearted and with a relationship full of jokes, the two appear to be each other's jesters.

Cez Darke is Shawn Mendes' tour manager

A quick scroll through Cez Darke's Instagram will reveal that he and Canadian pop singer Shawn Mendes have been friends and co-workers for some time. As Mendes' tour manager, Darke accompanied the star from stadium to stadium. "I've made so many new friends this year, seen so many new places, had the insane fortune of working with the best bunch of people anyone could hope for and had a whole lot of fun. What a way to wrap up the decade" he wrote in 2019, reminiscing at the end of Shawn Mendes's The Tour.

Darke praised his friend and creative partner. "Watching @shawnmendes walk off stage and look back in to the stadium with a look of sheer bewilderment will be forever burned into my memory. He belongs in that setting. He deserves to be there, and he's backed up by the most incredible team that will keep him there and take him further still."

In addition to Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora, and Jessie J, Darke has an extensive portfolio working alongside musicians like The Saturdays, The Wanted, and Deep Purple. Like his girlfriend Rachel Hollis, he has an impressive and demanding career. Nonetheless, he seems dedicated to prioritizing his "love" as noted in a January 9 Instagram post for Hollis' birthday: "I can't wait to share so many more laughs and adventures with you."