General Hospital's Saga Of Esme And Her Parents Takes Fans On A Wild Ride

Like something out of a horror film, the deliciously bad Heather Webber (Alley Mills) and serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) grabbed their criminal daughter Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) and made a daring escape from the Shadybrook mental institution, according to Soap Central. The pregnant Esme has amnesia, with no idea that the two psychos were her parents. Prior to losing her memory, Esme had been working with Ryan to break up Nikolas Cassadine (then Marcus Coloma) and Ava Jerome (Maura West) — the object of Ryan's obsession, who now resides at Wyndemere mansion. 

Esme had been imprisoned by her baby daddy, Nik, but managed to escape by jumping off of Wyndemere's parapet into Lake Erie. When she showed up in town with no recollection of who she was, Esme was arrested and sent to Shadybrook for her various crimes including being a suspect in the recent Hook murders. A reluctant escapee, Esme panicked and screamed when Ryan killed a guard, thus proving she wasn't faking her amnesia — otherwise she would have gladly joined her demented parents. Esme and Heather got out to the roadside when police chief Mac Scorpio (John J. York) saw them. They were acting as bait so that Ryan could knock him out from behind, and the killers stole his car (via Soaps).

Now, with the insane family on the loose, fans are going wild as Esme and her murderous progenitors embark on a deadly road trip — with a pit stop at Wyndemere.

The terrifying trio has fans thrilled

The bold escape of inmates Heather Webber, Ryan Chamberlain, and Esme Price was chock full of chills and fun — such as when Ryan asked Esme if she wanted to go on a road trip, after killing a guard. It was also quite terrifying when Ryan leaned into Esme telling her he was her father, with an evil gleam in his eyes (per Soaps). "General Hospital" posted a picture of Esme and Heather during the escape on Twitter, writing, "Esme wasn't prepared for any of this. What will Heather and Ryan do to keep her compliant?"

The fans were overwhelmingly delighted, as one replied, "Excitement, chaos, intrigue, let the fun begin! Ryan is on the loose. Will Heather suddenly become the voice of reason — I know, I know it's Heather, and will Esme regain her memory[?] Definitely staying tuned for this drama." Praise came in the form of, "This was a show worthy of sweeps!" The actors were also exalted with, "Great performances from Avery, Alley, and Jon! Now I know for sure that Esme isn't faking her memory loss. Let the messy fun begin!"

One fan enthusiastically responded, "@averykpohl is hitting it out of the park with the amnesia storyline! So much so that Esme haters are either feeling sorry for her or sympathizing with her that she has Ryan and Heather as parents." And another thrilled viewer wrote, "At the end of the day they're really very dysfunctionally doting proud parents!"