Why General Hospital's Ryan Has Spent Decades Obsessed With Felicia

The suspense is increasing on "General Hospital" as serial killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), and the psychotic Heather Webber (Alley Mills) have escaped the Shadybrook sanitarium, dragging their pregnant, amnesiac daughter, Esme Prince (Avery Pohl), along. Ryan is the twin brother of Dr. Kevin Collins (also Lindstrom), and his list of murders and attempted murders is legendary. As children, their mother, Melanie Chamberlain, had been molesting Ryan. Kevin told their father Victor Collins (Nicholas Pryor), who took Kevin away and left poor Ryan in the hands of his twisted mother when they were four. His childhood trauma left Ryan unhinged, and he murdered his mother, as well as his father's mistress, Marsha Cooper when he was eight years old.

Ryan grew up to be a pediatrician and took a job at General Hospital in 1992. Prior to his arrival in Port Charles, Ryan was going under the pseudonym "Todd Wilson" and met Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) in Texas. Felicia was with her young daughter, Maxie Jones, and "Todd" seemed like a nice guy. The two began to date, and within a month, he wanted to marry Felicia, but she wasn't ready because of her recent divorce. Eventually, Gloria Wilson (Julia Ambrose) showed up claiming "Todd" was her husband whose real name was Ryan Chamberlain. Felicia went to question Ryan about Gloria, and she saw him kill his wife. She called the police, then fled with Maxie back to Port Charles. Outside of their brownstone, Felicia was attacked and suffered amnesia.

Ryan started fixating on Felicia

At General Hospital, Ryan bumped into Felicia who didn't recognize him. The two began to date, and Ryan took her to a cabin, hoping to elope with her. Soon, Felicia's memories returned and she quickly realized she was in danger. Felicia attempted to flee, however, Ryan realized that her memories came back. He attacked her, but she stabbed him and escaped.

Ryan made it look like Felicia attacked him, so she was sentenced to a psychiatric facility. Mac Scorpio (John J. York) and Sean Donely (John Reilly) convinced the DA to help fake Felicia's death in order to trap Ryan. Ryan fell for it, and Felicia began to "haunt" him as a ghost. A freaked-out Ryan confessed to what he'd done, and Felicia recorded him admitting to killing his mother, as well as several other women. Ryan figured out Felicia was alive and conning him, so he chased her to a morgue where Mac intervened. 

When Ryan later kidnapped Maxie, Felicia showed up and he grabbed her. But she forced herself free from his grasp causing him to fall off a cliff. He survived, and Maxie had been found by the police. A captive Ryan snuck in and out of the hospital, at one point killing the district attorney who helped fake Felicia's death. He eventually confessed to that, as well as other murders, admitting the victims were all like his mother.

Kevin tries to help Ryan

Psychiatrist Kevin Collins came to town to help treat his brother, and realized because Ryan's victims resembled his mother — he killed them when he felt he couldn't live up to their expectations. Ryan later showed up with a bomb at Felicia and Mac's wedding, but Kevin arrived and stopped him. Ryan's therapist, Connie Cooper (Amy Benedict), helped him to escape, after which Ryan killed her. He then kidnapped Felicia's baby, Georgie, running to a nearby amusement park. Mac and Kevin raced against time to stop him. Kevin and Ryan fought and a gas line was busted loose. Kevin escaped, but the funhouse they were in exploded, presumably killing Ryan.

Ryan turned up alive years later, and Kevin secretly committed him to Shadybrook sanitarium. At one point, Ryan took Kevin's place, developing a new obsession with Ava Jerome (Maura West), and killing her daughter Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). He'd also been working with his deranged daughter, Esme Prince, telling her that Felicia was one of the biggest disappointments of his life. A shocked Felicia encountered Ryan in the hospital, telling him he would never succeed.

Now that Ryan, Heather Webber, and Esme have escaped from Shadybrook, the trio went to Wyndemere to grab Ava, and were surprised to find Felicia there also. He declared that only one woman would be able to fit on the launch back to shore with them, and the other must perish. But who will it be? Stay tuned!