Move Over, White Gold: Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Are Coming Back In Style

Everyone loves a good engagement story, especially when it is followed by a stunning engagement ring reveal! Engagement rings have been a common practice for centuries, but it wasn't until 1947 that the diamond bling we know and love became synonymous with popping the question (via Brides). These days, engagement rings come in all shapes and styles, but not all styles are trending in 2023.

One engagement ring trend you'll be seeing everywhere this year is the rise of the yellow gold band. According to The Knot, white gold rings have decreased in popularity in recent years as people are hopping back on the yellow gold train. In a recent study, The Knot found that "20% of engagement rings feature a yellow gold band, which has seen an 11% increase since 2017. At 14%, platinum is the third most popular engagement ring metal, followed by rose gold at 11%. Sterling silver rounds out the top five at 10%." Modern brides are also letting their yellow gold bands shine by requesting simple designs and diamond settings more often than intricate detailing.

Whether you and your boo are in the market for an engagement ring or you're simply looking at bling inspo for your future wedding Pinterest board, we found some stunning yellow gold rings that will have you saying, "I do!"

A radiant cut solitaire

If you're looking for something simple but not subtle, this ring is for you. Ring makers @cullenjewellery posted this gorgeous yellow gold engagement ring on their Instagram, showing just how much light reflects off that giant rock! The yellow gold band is a simple halo band that compliments the unique solitaire cut perfectly, letting the diamond do the talking. There's no doubt that jaws will drop when they see you rocking this timeless engagement ring.

A twisted yellow gold set

This dainty yellow gold engagement ring posted by @thecaratclub gives us total cottagecore vibes. the split band twists around itself, creating a vine-like look that holds tiny, round-cut diamonds around the band. The sparkling round solitaire is understated, letting the intricate band do all the talking. The matching yellow gold wedding band perfectly compliments the engagement ring, using the split band structure to create a ring set worthy of any nature-loving bride-to-be.  

A simple matte band

Who says a ring has to be sparkly for it to be beautiful? Yellow gold is bright and tasteful enough to stand stunningly on its own without a solitaire or gemstone detailing. This simple yellow gold ring is a perfect example of a timeless accessory perfect for anyone to wear. @Blissdiamonds shared this beautiful band on their Instagram with the caption, "Make a statement with our simple yet bold Matte Yellow Gold Ring." Whether you work with your hands all day or you simply enjoy the more subtle things in life, this yellow gold band is a great alternative to a traditional engagement ring. 

A stunning emerald stone

If diamonds aren't your style but you're still longing for a heavy gemstone on your ring finger, let us introduce you to an emerald engagement ring. This square cut emerald is enclosed in a yellow gold band and setting that compliments the bright green color perfectly. Not only are they a stunning hue, emeralds also have some seriously romantic significance. The green gemstone is seen by many cultures as a symbol of fidelity and long-lasting love (via 

A pear-shaped diamond

This engagement ring will have every bride shedding a tear. Jewelry designer @lucierosieus shared their pear-shaped engagement ring creation on Instagram, and we cannot get enough of its unique deign. The large center stone sits perfectly between two sharp cut diamonds on either side, enclosed in a warm yellow gold band. Whether you pair this with a simple yellow gold band on your wedding day or let it sparkle on its own, this ring is a great option for trendy brides looking for a total statement piece. 

A gothic black spinel ring

This engagement ring is the gothic-inspired accessory of our dreams. Instagram user @viljoenjuweliers shared their black and gold creation, which is definitely a unique symbol of love. For our brides that would rather be wearing black on their wedding day, this dark stone gives off the perfect Wednesday Addams vibes. The yellow gold band perfectly suits the shadowy gem, really showing that black and gold are a match made in heaven.

An oval diamond with hidden rubies

By now, we know that yellow gold goes great with just about every color, including ruby red! Diamond curator @bybonniejewelry shared their fabulous creation on Instagram, showing off the hidden pop of color beneath the giant diamond solitaire. The jeweler shared that she placed "rubies on the inner hidden halo to symbolize passion, protection, love, and commitment." The attention to detail is unmatched, and the romantic symbolism adds that extra special touch for an extra special bride. 

Matching yellow gold stacked bands

Yellow gold isn't just for the girlies. Instagram user @ArtMery_jewelleryy shared this stunning set of wedding bands with details for days. The wider band features three sections with soft etching in the yellow gold, creating an interesting yet subtle texture in the center of the band. The slimmer band is also split into three sections, with the midsection highlighting a halo of small, rounded diamonds. These rings match beautifully while staying true to the uniqueness of each partner. We can't wait to see more husbands rocking yellow gold bands in 2023!

A rounded teal sapphire

This brilliant sapphire will definitely count as your "something blue" on your wedding day. Jeweler @Mogga_jewels shared this colorful engagement ring on Instagram, complete with a 14k yellow gold three-crown setting. The round sapphire is snuggled between two bright diamonds that perfectly highlight the blue and teal detailing within the stunning gemstone. Sapphire engagement rings are known to symbolize honesty and sincerity in a marriage, and are believed to bring good fortune to newly married couples (per Diamonds Factory).  

A vibrant diamond flower

This jaw-dropping engagement ring reminds us of a blooming flower or a bright, burning sun — perfect to symbolize you and your spouse-to-be's love! Ring sellers @ethicadiamonds shared the details of their yellow gold engagement ring on Instagram, featuring an "18k yellow gold Halo with a 1.01ct round brilliant lab-grown diamond centre and round and pear lab-grown melee diamonds." They suggest pairing it with a subtle yellow gold wedding band to perfectly compliment the collection of sparkling diamonds featured in this bride-worthy engagement ring.