The Most Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Style Is Simple And Timeless

Picking out an engagement ring is an exciting and nerve-racking occasion. While it signifies a big step in a relationship, there is also a lot of societal pressure to purchase a ring that does your relationship justice. It can be overwhelming when you see how much an engagement ring really costs. While some people take pride in the massive price tag, others prefer to let their love do the talking.

Many couples choose to go ring shopping together, even if the ultimate proposal is a surprise. However, it's important to note that the most expensive rings might not be the best fit for you personally. Instead of walking into a jewelry store and immediately eyeing the dramatic rings with multiple diamonds, taking some time to analyze what style of ring suits you best could save couples a lot of money.

Certain ring styles just seem to fit specific personality types, and if you're lucky, the look that feels perfect for your finger might not break the bank. There are various popular choices when it comes to ring styles that jewelers often sell. However, if you are going for the classic elegance of a timeless look, you'll want a solitaire engagement ring.

Let the diamond do the talking

The beautiful look of a solitaire engagement ring isn't just simple or classic, but it allows the diamond to shine. When other rings have halos or diamonds on the band, it can distract from the main diamond in the middle. With a solitaire setting, your rock will really stand out. Plus, because you are not spending money on an extravagant setting or extra diamonds as side stones, many couples can spring for a bigger center diamond that's better quality. Therefore, understanding every type of diamond cut will help you pick the perfect shape.

When it comes to finding the ideal diamond, there are certain things to remember, like the carat size, color, cut, and clarity. Carat size simply refers to the weight of the diamond but the way the diamond is cut can also impact how large it looks. For example, diamonds that are cut really deep will look smaller because a good portion of their weight is at the bottom. This is why two diamonds with the same weight and shape may look different or be different prices. Color refers to how clear or yellow the diamond looks, with colorless being the best, while clarity refers to how many darker spots or "blemishes" can be seen in the diamond.

When you buy a diamond that looks colorless, is cut well, and doesn't have any visible inclusions, you definitely pay for quality. Luckily, once you know how big you want the diamond to be, you can begin to work the other factors into your budget.

It's hard to go wrong with a solitaire

While a solitaire engagement ring may feel like a safe choice, it's extremely versatile which is great for those who want options. The band's color can create unique looks depending on the metal you choose. Rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold all look very different, and picking out the one that best aligns with your personality or demeanor can be really fun.

Depending on the shape of your center diamond, there are also various prong options as well. Prongs are what secure the diamond to the band, and rings can come with four, six, or eight prongs, each creating a customizable appearance.

Arguably, the most exciting aspect of a solitaire engagement ring is the many options for wedding bands. Some people choose to buy various stackable bands that can be mixed and matched. Others opt for larger bands that fit above or below their solitaire, but the bands don't have to match the ring perfectly. It's actually common to choose different metals with each band or experiment with different styles. Of course, a single timeless band also pairs perfectly with this engagement ring style and that's the beauty of it. There are so many choices and having the ability to change up your bands in the future can give you a new and refreshed look at any point, while still keeping that timeless, classic appeal.