Try The 'Shy Girl Workout' To Get Over Your Gym Anxiety

Finding the motivation to start working out is exciting. However, that initial rush quickly fades once the reality of actually going to the gym sinks in. Even the process of acquiring workout clothes and a gym membership can feel like an extremely overwhelming endeavor for those new to this world. Gyms are typically filled with super fit people who clearly know what they're doing — or at least that's how it seems from the outside looking in.

While ripping the bandaid off and walking into a gym is the first step in overcoming your anxiety, the next is simply to have a plan in place that you can stick to. Oftentimes, stress can build because there are so many unknowns about being in a new situation, surrounded by strangers. Therefore, working to reduce that uncertainty by having a small workout plan in mind can help you confidently walk into that gym.

This is where the "shy girl workout" comes into play. This fitness trend is gaining traction on social media because lacking confidence at the gym is a struggle that many people can relate to, and it could be the answer to all your problems.  

Don't be afraid to take up space in the gym

The intimidation of gym life is real and can stop many people from exercising entirely. However, every single person in the gym had to start somewhere and grow their experience over time. While it can feel intimidating or maybe even like you don't belong there, learning to take up space in the gym is essential to a healthy mindset. Shy girl workouts help women make this transition by highlighting simple routines that don't require a ton of equipment. 

They're among the best workouts for your first time at the gym too, because you can find a quiet section, get settled, and make yourself at home without worrying about being watched too closely. If the thought of people staring at you or judging your technique stresses you out, avoiding crowded areas can help make you more comfortable. Plus, there are plenty of exercises that are designed for beginners who may not feel super comfortable just yet.

Once you are in the gym and settled into your space, you can start with bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, and crunches, or even grab some small weights to lift. Keeping it simple and targeting specific areas of the body will help you gain confidence and avoid overwhelming yourself so you don't avoid coming back altogether. 

Build self-confidence by creating a routine that you love

If your shy girl workout was a success, don't be afraid to explore some nearby machines as well. As fear expert Dr. Margee Kerr told Metro, "Think of the gym as an adult playground. Approach new machines and routines as opportunities to learn, where mistakes are a normal part of trying something new." You may find yourself loving a treadmill walk to end your workout or a quick bike ride at the beginning, to kick things off. 

Some gyms also offer group workout classes like pilates or hot yoga that may pique your interest too. There are tons of options out there and knowing how to choose the right gym for your needs is a must. Take some time to sit with yourself and think about what you are actually interested in, and what your goals are. The shy girl workout is a great introduction but over time you'll feel more empowered to embrace all that the gym has to offer.

For those who are unfamiliar with the world of fitness, it can seem like the purpose of exercising is to constantly push your body to the limit. However, there is nothing wrong with finding a routine that you love and working out because it's actually fun. Remember that your gym journey is unique. Instead of comparing your workouts or approach to others, track your own growth and evolution. Overcoming gym anxiety is a big accomplishment that will help you build more self-confidence overall too.