The Most Vengeful Sign In The Zodiac

If you believe in astrology, then you know just how much information knowing someone's zodiac sign can tell you. Not only can being familiar with your own star sign help provide insight into who you're romantically compatible with and which career paths are the best fit for you, but knowing others' signs can help you understand them and how to best interact with them. Your zodiac sign can also tell you a thing or two about your personality traits and how to work with them to achieve your goals. 

When it comes to the traits associated with individual signs, not everything is about your personal strengths. We're all human and nobody's perfect, of course. That means there's a dark side to every zodiac sign. If you or someone close to you has a birthday that falls between December 22nd and January 19, the dark side to your sign may just be a taste for vengeance, according to the New York Post. Have you ever noticed that Capricorns tend to struggle to let go of grudges and often insist on getting revenge? Well, there just might be something to that.

Why Capricorns are all about vengeance

No matter what your zodiac sign is, forgiving and forgetting can be difficult for all of us. However, Capricorns in particular may have a more difficult time fighting the urge to get revenge than others. Admittedly, believing that they're harsh and unmerciful is something everyone gets wrong about Capricorns. Capricorns are known for being stubborn workaholics who can be pushy and rule-obsessed. In reality, though, while they tend to love structure, they can also be flexible, and while they're often controlling, they're also sensitive to others' feelings and needs. That said, don't want to cross a Capricorn, or you could be in for some payback.

Capricorns aren't just known for being vengeful; they also tend to be creative with how they get their revenge. While other signs may have trouble hiding the grudge they're holding, Capricorns can make it seem like everything is okay while they're secretly exacting revenge behind your back. Since Capricorns are full of pride, embarrassing them or breaking their trust are easy ways to get on their bad side. 

If you have a Capricorn in your life, that doesn't mean that they're always scheming to get revenge. And if you've angered them, there are easy ways to save yourself from the impact of their festering grudge. Appeal to their natural empathy, tell them how you feel, and be ready to apologize if appropriate. That should make even the most vengeful Capricorn lighten up.