The Dark Side Of Your Zodiac Sign

Do you check your daily horoscope online (or in the newspaper, if you're a nostalgia buff)? And are you also up on the description of your sun sign? In both cases, astrologers usually like to sugarcoat things, giving you nothing but positive predictions and telling you all about what makes your sign so special and wonderful.

This is not to say you're not special and amazing, but everybody — even you — has their negative as well as their positive traits. And just as your zodiac sign may be able to point to some of your greatest strengths, it can also warn of some of the weaknesses you might possibly be prone to. Still, learning about these is not necessarily a bad thing. Knowing your dark side, after all, is the first step towards overcoming it — just ask Luke Skywalker (who was most likely a Sagittarius, according to Astroweb).

The dark side of the fire signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire signs of the zodiac, meaning that fire is their ruling element. As Elite Daily describes these most incendiary of horoscope signs, they can be warm, enticing, and downright exciting — but they also have their not-so-wonderful aspects.

If you are an Aries, you can be very impulsive (which is not always a good thing) and also impatient (good thing we're starting off with your sign). As The Mind's Journal points out, Aries is considered the youngest of the signs (the 12-month zodiac cycle starts in the spring with Aries coming first), and as a result, Arians are also sometimes immature. If you're a Leo, you may be a teensy bit vain and egotistical, or even downright arrogant, while you Sagittarians value truth-telling to the point where it can really hurt — tactless is the word we're looking for. You can also be somewhat of a know-it-all, and may tend to get bored easily.

The dark side of the earth signs

A ruling element of earth means that Taureans, Virgos, and Capricorns are very grounded, sensible, and reliable — and not nearly as boring as they sound, since they also tend to be wise and caring and are said to make great gardeners, cooks, and even lovers (okay, definitely not boring). Each earth sign does have its own particular downside, however.

As a Taurus, your worst quality may be a tendency toward stubbornness — like your ruling star sign, the Bull, you can at times be somewhat, well, bull-headed. You are also rather possessive, and not too great at sharing (perhaps you were out sick when they taught that life lesson in kindergarten). What's more, your love for the finer things in life may lead towards you becoming somewhat lazy and self-indulgent. If you're a Virgo, The Law of Attraction says you're more judgmental than any other sign and are also too much of a perfectionist for your own (or anyone else's) good. Also, you've got a serious streak of Debbie Downer in you. If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, being a control freak may be your biggest problem — or at least a problem for anyone who has to put up with you. You can also be somewhat of a user and are prone to going on negative rants — although perhaps a career in politics or talk radio could be in the cards (or stars) for you.

The dark side of the air signs

The air signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — are quick, curious, highly intelligent, and great communicators. Always interesting, but also really hard to pin down. It is this elusive quality, amongst others, that can make the air signs not always the easiest to get along with.

If you are a Gemini, chances are you love the sound of your own voice. This may mean, however, that you are a bad listener — if you ever even let anyone else have a turn to talk, that is. You also have a tendency to be kind of flaky and are likely to cancel on friends at the last minute or just outright ghost them. If Libra's your sign, decision-making is not your thing. Are you more wishy than washy, or vice-versa? Who knows? But you're likely to drive others nuts by constantly going back and forth before you can make so momentous a decision as to whether you want sausage or pepperoni on your pizza. And as for Aquarians, should this be your sign, you may be on such a higher plane than the rest of us that you never actually come back down to earth and connect with other people. Detachment, that's your downfall.

The dark side of the water signs

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the sensitive water signs, empathetic and at times downright deep. Sometimes when you dive right down into the depths of the human psyche, though, you can encounter some weird, scary creatures living down there, and water signs definitely have a negative side to their personalities.

As a Cancer, you're perhaps the moodiest of all signs, and often your mood is, yes, crabby. You also have a tendency to want to stay safe in your shell, and it can be a lot of work trying to draw you out. If you're a Scorpio, you may be prone to dwelling on your misery, and you may also use your powers of persuasion to manipulate others and/or make them feel miserable, too (the sting in the scorpion's tail). And should you be a Pisces, you may, like the fish of your ruling constellation, tend to drift where the current takes you, oblivious to the needs and feelings of others.