Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings Are Making A Comeback - Here's Why

Choosing the right engagement ring can be daunting. If you play your cards right, that ring will be worn on your left hand for the rest of your life. But as trends come and go, deciding what style works for you can be hard to decipher. Not to mention, there are a ton of different options out there, from carat size to shape, cut, and even color.

When choosing an engagement ring, you need to pay attention to things like the wedding band, and how the stone and band will look together, and whether or not the diamond you choose is certified. But above all, picking the perfect engagement ring starts with the shape. Popular options include the cushion-cut ring and the princess-cut ring, plus round-shaped, square-shaped, and pear-shaped. One ring type, the emerald-cut, is also an option, albeit a less popular one. But while emerald styles may have gone to the wayside in the past, these engagement rings are making a huge comeback and it may have to do with their timeless look.

Why you may want to reconsider the emerald-cut engagement ring

If you are scrolling through Instagram and see yet another engagement post, you are likely going to be looking at a round diamond, which is the most popular diamond shape with over half of buyers choosing this for their engagement ring. But as trends begin to recirculate in 2023, it seems as though the popular style of the 1920s is coming back, with more brides-to-be opting for an emerald-cut style.

One reason some brides are leaning towards an emerald-cut is because these rings are unique. With only five percent of brides choosing this style for their finger, per Diamond Studs, those who buy an emerald-cut ring will be in the minority and don't have to worry about having the same ring as their friends. But the biggest reason emerald cuts are making a comeback is due to their vintage appeal. According to CĂ©line Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers, emerald-cut engagement rings are becoming the go-to ring for not only the vintage look and timelessness of the style, but also the unique way the cut is able to capture the light and the beauty that comes from it, via Tatler.

What to consider when buying an emerald-cut engagement ring

An engagement ring is not only a lifelong purchase, but an expensive one as well. Before you jump on the emerald-cut boat, make sure you know what you are looking for. In addition to the 4 C's that every ring buyer must be aware of, those opting for an emerald-cut must also consider a few extra details. Paying attention to the length, width, and depth ratios is vital as it can greatly affect the look of your ring. While length and width is more about your personal taste, finding a ring with the right depth will allow you to achieve that shine, light, and mirror element that people love about the emerald-cut.

To get inspiration for an emerald-cut ring, you don't have to look too deep. Some of the biggest trendsetters in the world have chosen this cut for their own rings, including Grace Kelly, who, in our opinion, is the reason emerald-cut rings became so popular. Other celebrities like Amal Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor, and Paris Hilton, who chose the emerald-cut over 14 other choices given to her by her then-fiance, have also sported an emerald-cut engagement ring.