Get Dolled Up With The Long, Lush Lashes Of The Trendy Coquette Eyes Look

One of the biggest trends of 2023 is the coquette aesthetic. However, this craze is nothing new and first emerged in the 2010s. This is primarily due to Lana Del Rey's 2012 album "Born to Die," which evoked a classic vintage-inspired style combined with a soft beauty look. The aesthetic was also inspired by the 1955 novel "Lolita." Now, #coquette has over 7 billion views on TikTok and includes everything from clothing and lifestyle videos. Influencer Lacey Tanner explained to Nylon the appeal of the coquette aesthetic. She said, "When I think of coquette, my mind immediately goes to hyper-femininity, daintiness, and nostalgia."


Tanner went on to say, "Coquette manages to combine simple yet ornamental, classy yet playful elements into its style." A coquette is a woman who flirts to get what they want. Overall, the coquette aesthetic centers on taking this word, which has long had a negative connotation, and making it positive. In addition, it's unbashful about being girly and youthful; think pearls, bows, and anything heart-shaped. It's the complete opposite of other popular aesthetics, such as dark academia. But beyond the clothes and the laid-back attitude, the coquette aesthetic relies heavily on makeup, especially the eyes.

Coquette eyes highlight your eye shape

At its core, coquette eyes center on long lashes and sleek eyeliner. The goal is to define your eyes and to appear doll-like. Makeup artist Melanie Belisle explained (via Refinery 29), "Evoking the bright-eyed joie de vivre of the Parisian gamine, coquette eyes are the embodiment of sweetness and femininity [however that looks to you]." To get the look, use an eyeliner of your choice to create a thin elongated wing to accentuate the shape of your eye. For added definition, lightly use pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line. You can also use nude eyeliner to create a doe-like appearance.


If you want to create the illusion of having more bottom lashes, take an eyeliner and draw them in. The star of the show for coquette eyes is the lashes. Make sure to coat both your bottom and top lashes with plenty of mascara. Belisle told Refinery29 that the mascara in this look is all about "focusing on separation and definition." In a TikTok posted by @angelgirlcyd, she uses dark eyeshadow and eyeliner to form a wing. Likewise, she added fake eyelashes paired with neutral eyeshadow shades to create a simple but dreamy look that screams coquette eyes.

How to complete the coquette look

If you love the color pink, coquette eyes are for you. Besides neutrals, light pink eyeshadow will work best with this look. If pink doesn't suit your fancy, feel free to choose a soft shimmer eyeshadow. The eyes, of course, are not the only defining attributes of coquette makeup. They include bright under eyes, pouty lips, and plenty of blush and highlighter. The eyes, however, are supposed to complement the rest of the coquette aesthetic. Thus, a rosy pink blush on your cheeks will especially bring out the coquette eye look. ​​Makeup artist Georgie Eisdell Told Nylon that you should blend your blush to perfection.


She said, "For that hyperfeminine look, you don't want to see any harsh lines." As for the lips, they should be glossy and bright, preferably pink or berry-toned. TikTok user @michellekdoria posted a video showing her coquette makeup routine, which involves a luminous complexion, pink blush, highlighter, and eyes. Similarly, coquette nails opt for pinks and nudes. Red is also a popular choice. For clothing, knitwear, fuzzy cardigans, and camisoles, preferably white or pink, are all ideal for the coquette aesthetic. After all, this look is about indulging in your femininity in a way that feels good.