The 'Korean Air Bang' Trend That Complements Every Face Shape

Bangs are a classic hairstyle, and this is not the first time they are invading salons. Although these forehead strands can divide hair lovers, that doesn't stop trendy bottleneck bangs and popular curtain bangs from appearing on our favorite celebrities. And the right bangs can transform any face for the better. "Short baby bangs will focus on your eyebrows or glasses. Brow-skimming bangs will focus attention to your eyes, while a curtain fringe will accent cheekbones or nose," says hair guru Samantha Stonehouse (via Chatelaine).

The classic face-framing technique has received an upgrade thanks to K-beauty. Korean air bangs are thin wispy hairs that fall on your forehead, and they are also called see-through bangs. This hairstyle plays with soft fringe and embraces minimalism. The neutrality of the style lets these bangs complement every face shape and hair texture. Plus, you can switch up the length to pick which features to draw attention to. 

An edgy pixie cut for soft Korean air bangs

Less is more when it comes to air bangs, and shorter haircuts paired with these bangs fully commit to that mantra. The best short hairstyles to fit your face shape will be elevated with see-through bangs since this framing cut matches every style. Hairdos like the undercut and bowl cut offer an edgy contrast to the soft look, while pixies and chin-length hair carry out the femininity see-through bangs create. Despite being sparse, these bangs are suitable for everyone.

The best bangs and bob combo

A bob with bangs is the perfect hair combination, but it gets better when its air bangs. "A bob length can vary from jaw length to just off shoulder," says NYC-based hairstylist Jenny Balding. She tells InStyle, "This means it is very versatile for all hair textures and face shapes." Adding Korean bangs can spice up your do, whether it's a blunt, asymmetrical, slicked back, or wavy bob. It can go from a universally flattering hairdo to one that looks specifically designed for you.

Minimal Korean air bangs to highlight your face

You only need a few strands to pull off air bangs. The more see-through your bangs are, the more you will be emphasizing your facial features instead of your hair. Bangs typically draw attention to your face and eyes, but these framing pieces can cut off the sides of your face and forehead. When you have wispy bangs, that attention is shared throughout your face because nothing is concealed. No longer are bangs hiding foreheads and eyebrows, so say goodbye to full bangs, and say hello to wispy bang hairstyles.

Wavy hair with straight air bangs for double the fun

Embracing your straight air bangs doesn't mean you're stuck with only straight hairstyles, as this minimalistic bang pairs well with various hairdos. Braided pigtails and ponytails let you section your hair while keeping your fringe on display, while updos like buns and knots can give you height and minimize any distractions from your face. Since these Korean bangs are soft, you can keep them straight and curl the rest of your hair. Because of its softness, you won't look like you were indecisive and have two competing hairstyles.

A curly twist on Korean air bangs

The Korean air bang works on curly girls too. It is easier to achieve the look with waves or coils than straight strands, as centering just three curls to curtain your forehead can bring you into this air bang trend. With curly hair, the strands naturally separate into twisty locs. When curling your bangs, this division leaves your forehead on display, which is a key part of this Korean style. It is all about a soft hairdo that doesn't cover up your face, but rather highlights it.