All The Men Sam Has Loved On General Hospital

Sam McCall first appeared on "General Hospital" in 2003. She was a con woman with experience seducing wealthy men into marriage before draining their bank accounts and skipping town. She first arrived in Port Charles to search for the five lucky cards of the Dead Man's Hand, which were thought to carry good luck and were worth a fortune. During the search, she met Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher), who was also looking for the cards that once belonged to his father, and the two briefly became lovers. However, Jax realized that Sam had been sabotaging his search so she could get the cards for herself, and he quickly broke things off.

Soon afterward, Sam met mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), and their short romance led to a pregnancy. Through Sonny, Sam was introduced to his right-hand man and enforcer, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), and the two grew close after Sam's daughter was stillborn. Many "GH" fans know that Sam and Jason fell in love and became a leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding, badass supercouple who viewers became obsessed with. Sam's take-no-crap attitude and penchant for trouble led her and her portrayer Kelly Monaco, to become fast fan favorites. However, although Sam and Jason's off-and-on relationship entertained viewers for over 15 years, she found a connection with others as well. Here are all the men that Sam has given her heart to.

Sam and Jason became an iconic supercouple

Despite the similarities between Sam McCall and Jason Morgan, the couple often found themselves at odds. Sam had trouble accepting the danger that came with Jason's life in the mob, and in turn, he worried for her safety. The two tried to set each other free many times but always found their way back to each other and were eventually married in 2011. On their honeymoon, deranged maniac Franco (then James Franco) kidnapped Jason, drugged Sam, and manipulated them into thinking he had assaulted her. Afterward, Sam discovered she was pregnant, and due to a switch in paternity results, she and Jason believed that Franco was the father, leading to a strain in their relationship. The couple separated and contemplated divorce but later reconciled after discovering that Jason was their son's father. Tragically, Jason was shot on the docks not long afterward and was presumed dead for several years.

Later, when Jason turned up alive in Port Charles in 2018, the pair got back together. Though they decided to formally divorce so they could start fresh with their relationship and family, which included a daughter Sam had given birth to in 2017. However, by 2020, Sam had become increasingly distressed about the danger of Jason's work in the mob and the potential harm it could bring to the kids. Eventually, she made the difficult decision to leave Jason for good in order to protect her children. By the time a year had passed, Jason had fallen victim to a cave collapse on Cassadine Island and is once again presumed dead.

Sam had an affair with Lucky Spencer

In 2007, during one of Sam McCall and Jason Morgan's early breaks in their relationship, Sam found herself in bed with Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), inciting a series of events that changed several people's lives. Unfortunately, Jason witnessed the tryst between Sam and Ric and, heartbroken, sought solace with an old flame. He spent the night with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), who was separated from her husband, Lucky Spencer (then Greg Vaughan), at the time. Their brief reconnection led to an unexpected pregnancy and the birth of their son, Jake – though they initially tried to pass the baby off as Lucky's.

Sam was devastated when she learned Jason had a child with another woman and quickly set her sights on revenge. She decided to seduce Lucky, who had reconciled with Elizabeth, to get back at the other woman. Though Sam originally used Lucky as a pawn in her scheme, the pair grew to have real feelings for each other. Liz and Lucky eventually divorced when he learned the truth about Jake's paternity, and he and Sam tried to make a go of things. However, there was too much complicated history between the four, and the relationship ended when they each found themselves pulled back toward their original partners.

Sam and Silas Clay supported each other through hardships

In 2013, when Jason Morgan was presumed dead after being shot, Sam McCall met Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton). Originally, the two battled in court over custody of troubled teen Rave Kovich Jr. (Jimmy Deshler), whom Sam had taken in before they learned he was Silas' nephew. Despite their initial animosity, the two grew closer when Silas treated Sam's son Danny for leukemia. Silas then supported Sam through the discovery that her biological father was mobster Julian Jerome (William deVry), which was further complicated by the fact that Julian's bone marrow was needed to save Danny's life. Returning the favor, Sam was by Silas' side as he learned that he was the father of an adult daughter, Kiki Jerome (then Kristen Alderson), who was a result of an affair with Ava Jerome (Maura West).

Experiencing such life-changing events together solidified the bond between Sam and Silas. The two even worked together, utilizing Sam's skills as a private investigator, to discover that Silas' comatose wife, Nina Reeves (then Michelle Stafford), had awoken after 20 years. Upon returning to the land of the living, Nina made herself at home in Port Charles and tried to win Silas back as if no time had passed. Silas and Sam drifted apart, and she eventually ended the relationship because he still had feelings for Nina.

Sam almost married Patrick Drake

Sam McCall found herself drawn to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) while things between her and Silas Clay were deteriorating. She was a much-needed support system for Patrick after the death of his infant son, Gabriel, when he asked her to investigate the accident that killed him. She then took his side against Silas after Rafe Kovich Jr. was implicated as the driver that caused the crash. Things grew even more intense between the three when Rafe died during a brain surgery that Patrick was performing, and Silas accused the doctor of killing him on purpose as revenge.

Despite the drama, things seemed to be going well between Sam and Patrick until she discovered that he had learned Jason Morgan hadn't actually died from his gunshot wound years earlier and was being held captive by the Cassadines and didn't tell her. He was forced to admit that his former wife, Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), had left town a few months earlier in an attempt to revive Jason from a cryogenic state but ultimately failed, leaving him dead for real. Sam quickly ended the relationship they had begun, though they later reconciled. In 2015, Patrick proposed, and Sam accepted. But not long afterward, she discovered that the amnesiac Jake Doe (Billy Miller), who had recently settled down in Port Charles, was actually a very much alive Jason Morgan. The revelation turned everyone's lives upside down, and Patrick eventually ended things with Sam when he realized she would never be over Jason.

Sam believed Drew Cain was Jason

While Sam McCall was on her break with Patrick Drake, she and her son Danny began feeling a strange connection to an amnesiac patient going by the name of Jake Doe, who had started a relationship with Elizabeth Webber. It was eventually revealed that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan, but he had no memory of his life with Sam and planned to stay with Liz. However, when Jason learned that Elizabeth knew his true identity and kept it a secret, he ended things with her and began to rebuild his life with Sam. Throughout 2016, Sam filled Jason in on their life together, and he slowly regained a few of his memories. They then learned that Sam was pregnant, and in February 2017, she gave birth to their daughter, Scout.

Toward the end of the year, everyone was shocked when a man claiming to be Jason showed up in Port Charles, leading to the discovery that he had a previously-unknown twin named Drew Cain. Both men believed they were the "real" Jason, though it was eventually revealed that the man who fathered Scout was actually Drew, who had been implanted with his brother's memories before becoming amnesiac. Meanwhile, the real Jason (Steve Burton) had been held hostage by Victor Cassadine (then Thao Penghlis). Sam decided she wanted to move forward with her life with Drew, and she and Jason divorced. However, it didn't take long before she changed her mind and went back to Jason. Later, Drew was killed in a plane crash and was presumed dead for three years before he made his way back to town in 2021.

Sam has started a new life with Dante Falconeri

In 2021, after Sam McCall had ended things with Jason Morgan for the last time, she developed a close bond with her friend Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), whom she had known for years. He had recently been released from an international psychiatric facility where he was receiving treatment for PTSD, and Sam helped him recover when he realized he'd been the victim of mind control. By this time, Dante had already ended things with his ex-wife Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan), who had then fallen into a coma after an explosion. Sam and Dante began a cute, flirtatious relationship and decided to see where things could go between them.

At the very beginning of their relationship, Sam learned that her ex Drew Cain was alive after being presumed dead in a plane crash and was determined to bring him home to her daughter. Dante helped her investigation but worried she would leave him for Drew when he was found. Sam insisted that she wanted to be with Dante and that Drew was nothing more than her daughter's father, which proved to be true after Drew made it back to Port Charles. Eventually, Sam and Dante moved in together with Sam's kids, Danny and Scout, and Dante's son Rocco, effectively blending their families. 

Fans have been delighted to see Sam in a happy relationship, having watched her grow over the years from a scheming criminal to a doting mother — all without losing her grit or attitude. But this is a soap, after all, so it's only a matter of time before trouble strikes again.