Pink Engagement Rings Are On The Rise. Is It The Right Color For You?

The color pink is associated with love, adoration, and everything that makes one's heart flutter. Pink diamonds are all the rage among individuals who yearn for color and singularity in their engagement rings. Unsurprisingly, this is an engagement ring trend you'll likely be seeing everywhere in 2023. Although diamonds come in 12 colors and 230 color combinations, pink diamonds are exceptionally rare. Scientifically speaking, the Gemological Institute of America writes that its unknown what causes a diamond to turn pink. Likewise, pink diamonds can only be found in a few places worldwide. Up until 2020, 90% of the world's pink diamonds came from Western Australia's Argyle mine. The mine's closure ultimately caused a spike in the price and exclusivity of pink diamonds.

Pink diamonds first became popular in 2002 when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with an engagement ring from Harry Winston that had a 6.1-carat pink diamond. It reportedly cost Affleck $2 million. Lopez later recounted this moment in an interview with Diane Sawyer and said (via CNN), "He had the ring out, but I didn't want to look at the ring because I could tell it was pink." She added, "And I was just like, 'It can't be pink on top of this.' It was just too much for me to handle." 

Since then, the demand for pink diamonds has increased, with good reason. Despite their distinct shade (which comes in various hues), they can be designed to fit your style, your way.

A ring fit for Hollywood royalty

Jennifer Lopez is not the only celebrity to receive a pink diamond. In 2012, actor Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake Lively with a $2 million oval-shaped pink diamond ring. She later told British Vogue, "My most treasured possession is my engagement ring made by my dear friend Lorraine Schwartz, because of the love and meaning it symbolizes. No, I didn't have any hand in its design — I married a gentleman." 

Like Lively's ring, the oval ring above features a rose gold setting. However, it features two white accent diamonds for contrast, making it ideal for the red carpet or for your beloved. 

Pink diamond rings are a good investment

This ring is a sight to behold and features a round cut pink diamond surrounded by multiple smaller white diamonds in a lotus shape. If you have the budget, a pink diamond engagement ring can actually be a profitable investment. Due to their rarity, they will continue to increase in value. According to Leibish, some Argyle Pink Diamonds have seen a 375% price increase in the last few years. Unlike white diamonds, evaluated on the carat size and other features, Argyle Pink Diamonds are appraised based on tone, hue, and saturation.

Lab-grown pink diamonds are more affordable

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback to pink diamond engagement rings is their price. Azra Mehdi, founder of Jewelry brand Au Xchange, explained to Brides that pink diamonds are "20 times more expensive than white diamonds of the same size because of their rarity and limited supply." 

Nevertheless, there is a budget-friendly solution; lab-grown pink diamonds. A pink lab-grown diamond can set you back only a few thousand dollars compared to a natural pink diamond which can start at $10,000. The Darcy ring pictured above from Created Brilliance features an oval pink lab-grown diamond surrounded by white diamonds.

Show off a heavenly halo style

If you want a pink diamond engagement ring that is bold but classic, a halo style might be for you. A halo ring features a larger diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. This style first emerged in the 1920s and has a vintage feel. However, by adding a pink diamond, you can create a modern look that will be stylish for years to come. Similar to white diamonds, pink diamonds are known for their resilience. They can last a lifetime and be passed down as a family heirloom.

You can use pink diamonds to accent your center stone

Perhaps you are enamored by the color pink but do not want a pink diamond to be the center stone of your ring. In that case, you can choose pink diamonds to accent your ring. The ring above from Australian Diamond Valley features two pink diamonds set in rose gold. When it comes to pink diamonds, the color of the setting is imperative, as it intensifies the pink hue. Rose gold is a popular setting choice with pink diamonds for its ability to elevate the color.

Wear your heart on your ring finger

Why not choose a heart-shaped pink diamond ring to show off your love? Per the International Gem Society, heart-shaped diamonds date back to the 15th century. They are timeless and symbolize eternal love and devotion. Best of all, you can customize the size and color of the heart. You can go big or small and light pink, or choose a darker hue. The ring pictured above is from Pink Kimberley Diamonds and has a double halo with pink and white diamonds.

Pink diamond rings are showstoppers

Whether you choose a pink diamond engagement ring that is extravagant or subdued, the truth of the matter is that a pink diamond will never fail to capture the attention of onlookers. Regardless of their size, shape, and style, pink diamonds have a distinct personality and history, making them a favorite amongst royalty and celebrities. When Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah Carey in 2008, he chose a pink diamond ring for his iconic bride. He said (via People), "I wanted to do something extremely special, something that Mariah would really appreciate." He added, "We got the pinkest stone we could find, surrounded by other diamonds."

You can keep it simple

If a flashy pink diamond ring doesn't appeal to you, there's no shame in keeping it straightforward and sleek. Rather than having one sizeable pink center stone, you can have several small ones paired with white diamonds. You'll still have shades of pink, but with an uncomplicated look. Your pink diamond engagement ring will represent who you are and your personal style. In other words, you can and should design your pink diamond engagement ring as you see fit. Lastly, experts like Azra Mehdi suggest (via Brides), getting a certificate of authenticity for your pink diamond to ensure you're getting the most out of your investment.