Diamond Expert Ranks All Of Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Rings

They say a diamond is forever, and that may be true for the stones themselves, but it's a bit harder to say the same for the relationships they come to represent — especially if those stones are gracing the left hand of Jennifer Lopez. Like a guest spot on "The Simpsons," it seems like an engagement to JLo is one of the ways to know you've made it to the A-list. The men may come and go, but the bling is built to last.

Kimberly Abruzzo, a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Applied Jewelry Professional with Rare Carat, spoke with The List about Lopez's collection of dazzling engagement rings and ranked them for us. Let's take a look through the collection and see the jewels each man chose to present, the trends they started, and of course, the overall value of each ring. She may have sung, "My love don't cost a thing," but it seems like her beaus dropped some serious cash — you know, just in case.

Ojani Noa was the first to propose to Jennifer Lopez

Starting things off is Jennifer Lopez's first engagement ring from restaurateur Ojani Noa, whom she married in 1997. Abruzzo says, "Lopez's first engagement to Noa was marked by a 3.- 4 carat pear cut diamond on a yellow gold band. Though it was rumored to be six figures, we think it tops out at around $100K max at the time, going by the details we have. The band could add another 5K to that." Diamond Hedge confirms the value at around $100,000 — hardly a small amount, especially when it can fit on one finger, but as we'll see, that number is soon to pale by comparison.

Abruzzo also notes that "In some pics, it looks like she wore a matching eternity ring with this diamond ring." Eternity rings, thin bands with small diamonds going around the entire circumference, were extremely popular in the late '90s through the early 2000s and were said to represent eternal love. The marriage, however, only lasted a year.

Cris Judd chose an emerald-cut beauty for Jennifer Lopez

Next, we come to Jennifer Lopez's engagement to Cris Judd, a backup dancer she met on set for the music video "Love Don't Cost a Thing." Judd presented Lopez with "an approximately 4 carat emerald cut center diamond with a yellow gold diamond studded band," says Abruzzo. "This ring is more of a classic and popular style, one that would fetch around $100K – $150K, depending on quality. The style itself is accessible to us regulars, who can grab a similar design with a smaller diamond without blowing the budget."

For those of us who are not well versed in gem cut parlance, an emerald cut is a rectangle, with several stepped facets cut into it — reminiscent of an Aztec Temple. Per Ritani, the cut originated in the 1500s as a way to create more stability for emerald cuts, which rank a 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, meaning they require more careful handling than rubies or sapphires. Though diamonds top the Mohs scale at a 10, the cut is still used to create a "hall of mirrors" effect that amplifies the sparkle.

Alex Rodriguez's engagement ring choice is valued around $3 million

Abruzzo then ranks Jennifer Lopez's "current" engagement ring next. "Though the couple is currently in the middle of a separation, the baseball star once proposed with a huge colorless 10-15 carat emerald cut diamond. On either side of this platinum ring are two elongated baguette diamonds. All in all, this ring cost Rodriguez somewhere around $3M," says Abruzzo.

Once again, we're seeing an emerald cut, a shape that not only looks stunning on Lopez's tapered fingers, but also tends to make the stone look bigger for the carat size. Since the top facet is the biggest, an emerald cut diamond can look bigger to the naked eye than the same sized stone in a different cut.

Per Today, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged in March of 2019 after dating for two years, but the engagement has been called off, and the two are "better off as friends." In Lopez's recent Instagram selfies promoting her new movie, "Shotgun Wedding," the ring was noticeably absent.

The pink diamond that started a worldwide craze

Up next, we get into some color! Ben Affleck presented Jennifer Lopez with a stunning radiant cut pink diamond that weighed in at a whopping 6.1 carats. Per Abruzzo, "Pink and blue diamonds are both extremely rare, with blue just edging pink out for rarity. Lopez's ring was accented by two shield cut white diamonds.Can you tell she has a type? This one was valued at $2.5 million."

The ring garnered so much attention that Lopez even told Harper's Bazaar that when she met Barbra Streisand at an Oscars party, she asked to see the ring before any other conversation. It also started a major trend and raised the value of pink diamonds (via Town and Country). Lopez said she loved getting it, and apparently she missed the company as well, since, per Parade, she's been spending time with Affleck following her split from A-Rod. Who knows, the couple might even make it down the aisle this time!

Marc Anthony wins for longest relationship and rarest stone

But there's still one final ring to go, and Abruzzo saves the best for last. Affleck may have turned heads and sent hearts aflutter with a pink diamond, but the one diamond color more rare than that is blue. And that's exactly what Marc Anthony chose to propose with. (Affleck is a tough act to follow, ok?)

Abruzzo told The List, "This 8.5 carat blue diamond ring from Harry Winston is reportedly worth $4+ million. The price tag isn't a surprise considering the rarity of blue diamonds, which are colored by trace amounts of the element boron. The huge radiant cut center stone is flanked by two shield cut blue diamonds set in platinum, the best metal to show off the cool shades of this special ring."

Jennifer Lopez's marriage to Anthony (yes, it was more than an engagement this time) lasted for 10 years, from 2004 to 2014, per Hello! The pair are still good friends, and Lopez recently honored him on Instagram last year for Father's Day with a picture of their twins, Emme and Max.