The '90s Called: Thin Eyebrows Are Making A Comeback

Just as fashion trends come back around every 20 years, beauty standards of decades past follow a similar cycle. Dark eyeliner and intensified highlighter are among the fads of Y2K that are already seeing a resurgence. However, there is one particular trend that goes back even further than the early 2000s, with roots in the 1920s, made popular by prolific stage performer Josephine Baker. During the 90s as well, this beauty style was all the rage.


The legendary thin eyebrows have been spotted on the red carpet, rocked in yesteryears by the likes of Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani. This craze was fairly simple to pull off but meant taking extreme measures. In some cases, you have to completely chop off your natural brows and use a pencil to draw an imaginary strip of hair. Thankfully, some makeup artists were skilled enough to pluck enough brow hair to leave a perfect slanted line. And now, today's generation is putting a brand new spin on this classic look.

TikTok is partly to blame for the return of thin eyebrows

TikTok is not only a popular pastime. Studies have concluded that the app plays a significant role in culture shifting. A collaborative study between TikTok and research groups MRC Data and Flamingo found that a staggering 71% of users are confident that the most prominent social media trends are formed on the video app. Even more impressive is that 43% of users try out the things or places they see on TikTok. Therefore, it's safe to assume that the wildly popular app would help push the thin brow trend back into the spotlight.


TikToker Naomi Katt attracted over 2 million views on her viral thin eyebrow video. Over 500 comments flooded the clip, many of which praised the vintage look. Another well-known TikToker, Spici Blondi, has dubbed herself the "Thin Brow Princess." This standout has attracted thousands of views on her TikToks, demonstrating how she sculpts her perfect streaks using brow razors, brow pencils, and a bit of concealer, impressively keeping a steady hand all the while.

While these two ladies are widely recognized, they aren't the only TikTokers pushing skinny eyebrows back into the hearts of many. The hashtag #ThinBrows unearths a treasure trove of beauty gurus detailing their brow routines. Filled with nostalgia and meticulous accuracy, none of the looks fall short.


We also have Doja Cat to thank for the thin eyebrow comeback

Some fans expressed concern when the bold singer/rapper debuted a bald head and super slender brows with hearts etched in the middle in August 2022. Others, however, praised this fierce cosmetic statement that was an ode to the 90s. Dazed Digital was a fan of the style, calling it the best thing in beauty at the moment. Since her drastic debut, the "Planet Her" performer has continued to lean into her new look. During the "Vogue World" show in September 2022, Doja and makeup artist Laurel Charleston created a swirling white mask that accentuated her bare scalp and dark, sharp brows.


A quick glance at Doja's Instagram pays homage to this style, with nearly every glam look adding an artistic touch in the middle of the brow. In one post from last year, Doja sports thin brows with a hint of blue at the start of each. In another, the visionary's brow appears green, resembling branches with white flowers sprouting from them.

Modern thin brows aren't as dramatic

As this eyebrow trend comes back, not everyone wants to go as drastic as Doja Cat. That's why some new takes on the thin brow focus less on thinness and more on sculpting. Brow expert and founder of KIMIKO, Dani Kimiko Vincent, says the modern-day skinnier brows have been mastered using concealers to carve one's natural eyebrow shape. Speaking with The Zoe Report, Vincent explained that giving brows density and filling them in well should be the focus instead of completely butchering them.


Thankfully, Vincent says this entire look can be achieved without plucking or waxing. Instead, he suggests experimenting with the arch. Another tip is knowing where to place eyebrow makeup. He advises brushing lower hairs up and upper strands down using a clear gel. Also, incorporating a concealer to disguise smaller follicles above and below the brow can give the illusion of a slimmer brow without actually getting rid of the hairs.

We understand that not everyone is ready to reintroduce this style of brows into their face and look. For those edgy enough to test it out, the results may vary. Though, looking at the final product, it won't hurt to try, right?