The Product You Need To Make Your Cut Creases Sharper Than Ever

Unless you've been living under quite the large rock these past few years, you've likely witnessed a friend or beauty vlogger rocking cut creases. This method of applying eye makeup is absolutely stunning and are a godsend for anyone who wants to make their eyes appear bigger and give them a more striking appearance. Celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson broke down the meaning of cut creases even further during an interview with MindBodyGreen. The technique of cutting your eyeshadow into the crease of your eye is, as Crimson put it, "a very drastic play on shadow and light." In short, cut creases are a beautiful optical illusion, which makes the trick that much cooler.


Depending on what color eyeshadow you use and how long you draw your line, you can create all sorts of eye shapes and fun, funky designs. But even professionals run into trouble when attempting to achieve perfect results from this admittedly complicated makeup trick. You need an extremely steady hand and careful precision while doing a cut crease, or you might just end up with a wobbly line and a mess on your hands (been there, done that).

We've pinned down the best product you need in your makeup bag right now if you want your cut creases to be sharper, cleaner, and much easier to accomplish.

This primer will make cut creases a breeze

Drawing with eyeshadow can be a messy task. Unlike eyeliner and other makeup tools that come in a pencil or tube, eyeshadow palettes aren't regularly built for precision. Plus, their powdery form means pigment can get everywhere it doesn't need to be. This makes obtaining perfect cut creases quite the trial ... unless you have the right tools for the job.


The experts at Twidale, a premiere makeup and hair salon based out of Australia, know that the trick to easy cut creases begins before you ever crack open your favorite eyeshadow palette. To cut down on loose powder and squiggly lines, Twidale recommends using the Prep + Prime 24hr Eye Base from M·A·C Cosmetics. This primer is formulated to provide a powerful grip on whatever makeup you layer on top without it feeling sticky to the touch. As soon as you put your eyeshadow on top of the primer, it will cling to it without crumbling or brushing off. Plus, it's made to last all day, so you don't have to worry that your cut creases will vanish at midnight. An alternative to primer is using one of our best concealers for creating a cut crease.


The hack you need for perfect cut creases

If you're searching high and low for the next hot makeup trend to kickstart your newest look, you really don't have to go any further than TikTok. It's the birthplace of thousands of the latest makeup trends and where you'll see makeup enthusiasts imitating celebrity beauty tricks. For our eyeshadow aficionados, you'll find the answers to some of your biggest questions about eyeshadow, and of course, you'll find plenty of short videos on how to perfect the art of cut creasing.


One of the easiest hacks to get razor sharp cut creases is by using something everyone has sitting on their desk or tucked away in a drawer. Tape is a staple for makeup users who want sharp lines and symmetry every time. 

So grab some tape the next time you're heading to the bathroom mirror to do cut creases. The first step in the hack is to pat down some primer or concealer onto your lids. Next, use your angling brush to draw on your creases. Finally, lay a short strip of tape below your lower lid, angling it towards where your crease ends. Use the tape as a guide for your wing, and you'll have cut creases in no time.