Gorgeous Fictional Weddings To Help Inspire Your Big Day

Attending friends' and family members' weddings is a great way to gain inspiration for your own. Another way to brainstorm wedding ideas is by binge-watching movies and television shows about tying the knot (and it's a much cheaper way, too). Throughout cinematic history, there have been all sorts of awe-inspiring ceremonies and receptions that, after watching, will have you searching the Internet for vendors that can recreate these same looks for your special day with your soon-to-be spouse — and many of them are much more affordable than you may think.

If you're wanting a way to really vow — er, we mean wow — your guests, turn to these movies and TV shows. Whether you gravitate more toward a rustic venue, the great outdoors, or a royal castle like Cinderella did for her "I do's," there are plenty on our list to choose from for the ultimate source of inspiration. Here are 14 gorgeous fictional weddings to help you dream up your big day.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

According to a recent study on American weddings conducted by The Knot, the cost of flowers on average is around $2,400. However, you'll be spending much more than that if you want to recreate the immortal wedding between Bella and Edward from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1."

Between the incredible arch that's entirely made of floral arrangements, the leaves lining the aisle, and the ones hanging above Bella as she walks toward the altar, the film's floral designer estimates that the decorations alone would cost about $300,000 to recreate. In order to get the dreamy look on a smaller budget, she recommends turning to nature itself for inspiration and letting the outdoors do the work for you. "Use a green, white, and brown combination, and keep it simple," Tammy Polatsek told Bridal Guide. "Nature is beautiful; you don't need to overwork it!"

To save even more money, opt for an open, airy environment for the ceremony so that you already have all kinds of unique plants around you.

Crazy Rich Asians

Though walking on water may be a bit too much for your big day, you can still include some of the incredible magic that happened in "Crazy Rich Asians" in your own wedding — even without a $40 million budget. For starters, the lanterns lining the ceremony chairs are a great way to draw all eyes to the aisle. To turn all the attention on you as you embark on that important walk, have your friends and family hold their own set of twinkle lights, paper butterflies, or whatever else your heart desires so they can be included in the epic scenery.

To gain inspiration that's specific to you and your soon-to-be spouse, incorporate items that are most important to each of you. For example, when it came to designing the ceremony's elaborate landscape in the fan-favorite rom-com, "I created the wedding from scratch based on these remote islands I knew off the coast of Singapore," the book's author, Kevin Kwan, told The Knot. "For the movie, it felt so perfect to do it for Gardens by the Bay. It was almost tailor-made to the description of what I wrote about."


Having your favorite band of all time play on your big day would be pretty epic. However, even if you don't happen to be friends with the '90s pop group Wilson Phillips, your wedding can still be just as memorable as the one featured in "Bridesmaids."

Instead of opting for a DJ to entertain your guests, you can achieve the same feel as the film by hiring a live musician to play at your reception. In fact, you could even have them play covers from your favorite band — whether that happens to be Wilson Phillips or not. Building up to that big moment, throw yourself a Parisian-inspired bridal shower just like the one in "Bridesmaids," complete with a giant cookie, a chocolate fountain, and an edible replica of the Eiffel Tower. After all, these are the memories you will "Hold On" to forever and ever — until death do you part.

Marry Me

"Marry Me" may seem like an impractical movie for wedding inspiration if you're not a pop star, but hear us out on this one. Sure, getting married to a stranger on stage isn't the most traditional way to tie the knot, but Jennifer Lopez's over-the-top crystal-encrusted wedding gown and matching veil will make you feel like the most glamorous bride wherever in the world you opt to have your wedding.

The show-stopping ensemble was selected straight from bridal designer Zuhair Murad's collection for the film. The dream dress featured nine layers of tulle, silk taffeta, and horsehair to give it an incredible amount of volume. "The dress weighed 95 pounds and required five people to transport it and an entourage to get Jennifer in and out of it," the rom-com's costume designer, Caroline Duncan, revealed to Variety. However, it's really no big deal. That's what your bridesmaids are there to help with, right?

My Best Friend's Wedding

Just like the 1997 hit movie "My Best Friend's Wedding," the wedding featured in the film has remained a true classic. Pure white decor and delicate drapery give the atmosphere a feeling of true elegance. If you watch closely when Jules gets up out of her seat to dance, you'll notice the beautiful chandeliers hanging just above the reception tables. All of these details make this wedding a high-end event that will never go out of style — even after watching it back on video all these years later.

For inspiration on the ultimate end-of-the-night exit, you can rent a classic car and replicate the larger-than-life sparklers in the film to line the road to your happily ever after, too. If you're wanting an event that no one will ever be able to forget, you can turn "My Best Friend's Wedding" into your own big day instead.

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 19

If you're searching for inspiration for the most picturesque park wedding, you have to watch the series finale of "Jane the Virgin" (after you binge all of the other incredible seasons first, of course).

Jane and Rafael's long-awaited big day uses nature as its background, with boats parked in the harbor not far behind them. The duo opted to ditch an altar altogether at the ceremony and instead use a tall tree, so that they could dedicate a majority of their budget on the beautiful florals that line the aisleway.

Their intimate wedding is a true inspiration for how to incorporate family members into your ceremony, too. Jane's abuela is the one who officiates, her mother stands beside her as she marries the man of her dreams, and her small son, Mateo, even reads his own passage during his parents' nuptials. "I wanted it to have more of the kids because they have a bigger family now," series creator and executive producer Jenny Snyder Urman explained during an interview with Variety. "The wedding to [her first husband] Michael was beautiful, but it's a different kind of wedding: It's the family's wedding, in a way."


If you grew up watching your favorite fairytales unfold on screen, then what better inspiration is there for your big day than the 2015 magical remake of "Cinderella"? Your wedding will truly feel like a royal affair after watching this film.

Not only will a princess-style dress make you feel like a queen, but Cinderella truly knows how to nail the veil-and-crown combo. Crystals and other soft embellishments on her dress (and a long train, of course) tie the entire look together — and you can even have your Prince Charming play the part by wearing a traditional suit, if you wish. For a picture-perfect background, a stone venue with a beautiful balcony will make all of your wedding photos look magical. A classic assortment of flowers, such as roses, will complete the look and feel of your real-life fairy tale. You can easily have your own happily ever after, too.

About Time

Maybe you're searching for something non-traditional for your wedding day. If you don't want to wear white, you may be inspired by the sob-worthy film "About Time." In it, the bride-to-be wears a red wedding dress. Though honestly, "I didn't know if the red dress would work," director Richard Curtis once admitted to MTV News. However, it certainly fits right in with all of the colorful wedding decor that accompanies it.

All in all, it's one of the most low-key weddings on our list, with a colorful assortment of affordable ribbons lining the aisle and a basic boombox playing the entrance song for the bride. Even so, it's an emotional event for everyone involved — and though it ends up raining on their wedding day, that's actually considered good luck in a lot of places around the world. These two were truly meant to be, and it was "About Time" they tied the knot.

I Love You, Man

What better place to say, "I love you, man," than a venue with an oceanside view? By replicating the big day from the hilarious film "I Love You, Man," guests can feel the cool ocean breeze as they watch you read your vows just off the beach. The breezy canopy above them offers a bit of shade, while still giving family and friends an opportunity to soak up the sun during the ceremony. (After all, they didn't travel all the way here to go home without a tan.)

Instead of a veil, brides-to-be can opt for a tropical flower in their hair to keep it light and airy while also complimenting any updo or down-do. Other than that addition to your ensemble, you can save on other floral arrangements by letting the beautiful beach scenery do the talking as the rest of your decor.

If you don't already live near the ocean, doing a destination wedding allows you to have your big day and honeymoon all in one — with your family and friends by your side for every step of the way.

Bridgerton: Season 1, Episode 5

For those of us who simply can't decide between wanting an indoor or outdoor venue, Simon and Daphne's church wedding in "Bridgerton" combines the two perfectly and is sure to be the talk of your Ton if you choose to do the same.

Though the onscreen wedding party is contained in an indoor space, small floral arrangements are incorporated around the pews and high above the guests' heads to give the church a magical-forest feel. "It just brings it alive [and is] not an expensive thing to do," production designer Will Hughes-Jones told Brides of the small ceremony. "Even if you go off into the countryside [and] take some wildflowers from the hedgerow."

By doing so, dear reader, brides and grooms can have the church wedding that's always been important to them, while also enjoying all of the perks of an outdoor ceremony — without having to worry about potentially horrible weather!

Ready or Not

"Ready or Not" may be a horror film, but the wedding scene in the first few minutes of the story is something anyone will be astonished by. Complete with a castle and incredible stone fountains, the venue itself is quite an incredible one. Because of that, this specific type of location requires little decoration to dedicate the rest of the wedding budget toward.

The bride's delicate lacy dress is a dreamy inspiration, too, that you could spend the extra money on. With all of the clear-cut lines around the estate venue, the soft fabric stands out and has all eyes looking in the bride's direction during her intimate ceremony. If you're searching for something simple, yet show-stopping, finding an estate-type venue may be the way to go for your big day. There are sure to be loads of photo opportunities around the property that will be something you will admire again and again over the years in your wedding photo album.

Palm Springs

To light the way on your path to eternal marital bliss, look no further for inspiration than the wedding featured in the film "Palm Springs." Tala and Abe's outdoor reception takes advantage of all of the tall trees surrounding the perimeter by stringing twinkle lights on each and every one of them. The lighting looks natural and truly sets a mood for the entire evening.

All you need for the rest of the decor are a few tables for guests to congregate around while enjoying their drinks — but expect most of them to be hitting the dance floor instead just like the funny characters in the film.

"I think rom-coms can have that same comfort food energy for people," star Andy Samberg told People of "Palm Springs." "Especially when they want to just be whisked away in something cozy and whimsical." After all, that's exactly what this magical movie wedding does — and yours can have that effect, too!

This Is Us: Season 2, Episode 18

If a rustic wedding is more of your style, then watching Kate and Toby's wedding from the series "This Is Us" could be something to add to your wedding planning binder. Their outdoor ceremony contains multiple rustic elements, like loose drapery, wooden ceremony chairs, twinkling lights, and lots of trees surrounding the guests. It's almost as if the forest location had always been destined to hold an intimate wedding ceremony.

The soft wedding colors the couple chose are all ones you find in nature, making the strategically placed floral arrangements seem as though they're growing right up the ceremony arch. It's the incredible draping hanging right above the bride and groom that puts the finishing touch on the decor and makes it all look intentional in the end. The way this beautiful fabric floats in the breeze will have you watching YouTube videos late into the nights leading up to your big day, deciphering how exactly you can drape it over the arch yourself.

Wedding Season

In the film "Wedding Season," Asha and Ravi first announce their fake relationship while at a family member's wedding — and it's pretty memorable. This reception, in particular, is great inspiration for how to combine different aesthetics into one (which is essentially what Asha and Ravi's relationship really is, but we will get to that later).

The reception takes place in a big, wooden venue that is any rustic-lover's dream. However, the pops of colored fabric and flowers, contemporary-style chairs, and elegant floral centerpieces throughout the room make the space a much more unique one. Instead of sticking to one particular style, the bride and groom chose decorative elements that spoke to them and combined them all together to create something magical that you don't see during many other weddings — but after all, bringing together two people, with two totally different ways of life, is what a wedding is all about.