Soft Girl Nail Art Is The Latest Manicure Trend. Here's How To Pull It Off

TikTok is loaded with different styles and trends — the soft girl aesthetic being one of them. Vancouver Is Awesome writes that the soft girl aesthetic emerged on the social media app in 2019. The look combines elements from different aesthetics, including cottagecore and coastal grandmother. However, at its core, soft girl aesthetic is girly, delicate, and alluring. Achieving the soft girl aesthetic involves reclaiming and embracing your femininity. Moreover, it invokes classic looks with modern touches such as long skirts and puffed sleeves. Pastels, plaids, and pearls are also necessary for soft girl outfits.

However, the soft girl aesthetic is more than just a fad; it's a lifestyle. In an article for Refinery29, self-proclaimed soft girl Valerie Mcpherson wrote how embracing this aesthetic changed her life. She said, "This era has taught me that I can be open and vulnerable and that beauty is not just a physical attribute — it is also about being kind, prioritizing self-love, and taking life seriously and gently." Along with this attitude and style, soft girl nail art has emerged to complement this beloved aesthetic. While most nail trends for 2023 involve bold colors and dramatic designs, soft girl nail art is the opposite.

Soft girl nail art is feminine and dainty

The soft girl aesthetic focuses on florals and light colors with an emphasis on nature. This exudes femininity, and soft girl nails are no different. Simply put, it takes a subtle approach to nail art and designs to level up your basic manicure. Think pastels, heart shapes, flowers, and smiley faces. Nail artist Linh Ngo explained the appeal of soft girl nail art to SHEfinds. She said, "This trend is having a moment because it reflects a broader cultural trend towards 'cute' and 'wholesome' aesthetics that have become increasingly popular among young people."

In the above photo, Instagram user @lillypalm__ takes a quintessential french manicure and adapts it to fit a soft girl aesthetic. Her natural squoval nails feature a pastel green shade typical of the soft girl color palette. Although you could choose flowers on each of your nails, @lillypalm__ makes her soft girl nails more dainty by only placing the nail art on two nails. If you want more than one design, take inspiration from Instagram user @naileditbeauty, who paired her light pink french manicure almond nails with flowers and smiley faces. For a touch of glamour, sparkles or glitter can be added to your soft girl nails. Instagram user @nailsxlizeth_ did exactly that to soften her floral coffin-shaped nails.

Choose a muted shade for your manicure

You must pick the right color for your manicure to accentuate your soft girl nail art. Pastel shades of pink, green, purple, and yellow are ideal. combined different pastels and designs for a fun soft girl look. If pastels aren't your cup of tea, nude or other muted colors topped with sparkles are also perfect. Instagram user @vivianmariewong chose white for her elegant manicure. Her almond-shaped nails have hearts and sparkles — which ooze soft girl aesthetic. On the other hand, Instagram user @overglowedit opted out of nail art and did a simple light pink color which she used to create a heart-shaped french tip.

If you're looking to emulate soft girl nails on a budget, all you need is the shade of your choice for your manicure and nail art, glitter, and a base and top coat. You can use a nail brush or a toothpick to create art like flowers and hearts. Not a fan of DIY? Nail artist Alex Staroba told SHEfinds that you can keep your soft girl nails as basic as possible. "You can find any nude polish at your local store that best suits your skin tone and top it off with a little bit of iridescent glitter. Finish with a glossy top coat and you're all set!" To truly enter your soft girl era, pair your soft girl nail art with a floral dress or a pastel-colored puff sleeve top.