When Fans Will Finally See Steve Burton Back On Days Of Our Lives As Harris Michaels

Longtime "Days of Our Lives" viewers got a treat in 2022 when soap star Steve Burton reprised his former role on the sudser's spin-off "Beyond Salem." Burton returned to the franchise as Harris Michaels. Harris first appeared in Salem in the 1980s when he became the love interest of Eve Donovan (then Charlotte Ross). However, when Eve found out that Harris had made a bet regarding getting intimate with her, she dumped him. Harris left Salem and wasn't seen again until "Beyond Salem."

"Ron [Carlivati] thought it'd be a great idea to bring back that character, so there was a little bit of history on the show and that's what they did," Burton told Soap Opera Digest at the time (via Soaps). "When they got closer [to the start of production] and they got scripts, they were like, 'Hey, this is the character, it is Harris Michaels from when you were on the show, this is what you'd be doing.'"

Harris became a big part of the storyline as it was revealed he was working with Megan Hathaway in order to acquire the three prisms. During his quest, Harris befriended Hope Brady and the pair began a romance. Of course, the truth was finally revealed at the end of the season. Now, Burton is returning to the flagship series.

Steve Burton will return to 'Days of Our Lives' in March

Fans have known about Steve Burton's "Days of Our Lives" return for quite some time. However, it was never clear when viewers would see Harris Michaels in Salem. However, Burton recently revealed the details during an interview on his podcast, "That's Awesome with Steve Burton & Bradford Anderson," per Daytime Confidential. Burton admitted that he's been talking about his big "Days of Our Lives" return for many months. However, he finally had an official date for his debut.

"I thought it was March 16, but the actual day is March 20. So set your calendar: Peacock, March 20! Here we go! It's going to be fun. Finally, the time has come," Burton told his podcast listeners. Of course, Burton's storyline also seems to coincide with the return of Megan Hathaway as well as the sudser's fan-favorite super couple Bo and Hope Brady.

Viewers have been waiting for this storyline ever since it was announced that Bo and Hope would be returning to the soap, and it's sure to be one of the most significant moments for the sudser since its official move from NBC to Peacock in the fall of 2022. Fans are ready for the drama that Harris is sure to bring to the plot.