How To Get The Trendy Airy Bob That Combines '90s Volume With A Modern Look

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is choosing to ditch their long locks and go for bob hairstyles. Celebrities are also in on the trend, with Hailey Bieber recently showing off her stylish bob for fans over on Instagram.

So what's got everyone heading to the salon to try out short hair? One reason that people choose to rock a bob is that it's lightweight and easier to manage than longer hair. If you have long hair, just think about how long it takes to style it in the morning. Having a bob removes so much primping time, plus it looks amazingly smooth and stylish.

Another huge reason for the current bob craze? Some credit has to be given to the new and trendy airy bob. It's one of the latest haircuts making the rounds on social media. With its fluffy volume and retro yet modern appeal, it's no wonder everyone wants to get it. Are you ready to get the cut? These tips will help you get the perfect 90s style airy bob without looking dated.

Don't go too short

Not being able to put your hair up in a ponytail can be a challenge, especially if you love to go on jogs or are just the type of person to like your hair out of your face. For that reason alone, a bob's short length can be a turn-off for some people.

Fortunately, the airy bob gives you the best of both worlds. You get trendy short hair, and you can still put your hair up in a ponytail when it gets unruly. An airy bob is longer than a traditional bob but shorter than a lob, meaning your strands will fall right beneath the chin. So there's another bonus: you'll have plenty of length left to style however you see fit.

Another difference between the airy bob and the traditional bob is how layers work within them. Like stacked bobs, airy bobs look extremely cute with some barely there layers; head stylist Nicholas Hardwick told Glamour he swears by them. "I love adding barely visible layers to give life throughout the cut and encourage root lift and movement," he said.

Aim for volume, not sleekness

The bob is a cut that can be styled in many ways: permed, flat, sleek, and even poofy. With so many choices, it's easy to get lost on your journey to get just the right look down. In this case, it's the voluminous look that the airy bob is known for.

It's crucial that you don't go too sleek with your cut. Remember Michelle Pfeiffer's cut as Elvira in the classic 80s flick "Scarface"? And who could forget Uma Thurman and all her lovable dance moves as Mia in "Pulp Fiction"? Both slayed with bob haircuts, but the style is a little too sleek if you want to achieve the more modern, airy bob. If you feel like your airy bob looks a little weighed down, the expert stylists at Jean Louis David recommend cutting back on your product use. Only use products that are completely necessary to your hair regime, and you'll see your airy bob come back to life.