The Stacked Bob Is Making A Comeback. Here's How To Rock The Retro Cut In 2023

Nostalgic hairstyles are very on trend at the moment, and the stacked bob is one of the fashionable cuts making a big comeback after going in and out of style for years. This edgier, more angular variation of the bob originated in the 1960s and made a resurgence in the 2000s when it was worn by celebrities like Rihanna. It may have then become known as the "Karen" cut, but the retro cut is poised to become even bigger in 2023.

Stacked haircuts feature multiple layers cut in a way that creates a fuller shape at the back of your head, and the stacked bob is one of the shorter versions of the cut. The chin-length style is ideal for people who have thin hair, as it can make your hair appear fuller in the back and grant you a lot of volume all over. A stacked bob is different from a layered bob in one important way: the layered cut features any number of long, short, or medium layers, but the stacked cut features angled layers in order to create a sharper look with longer hair near the front of your face.

Choose from different lengths and styles for your stacked bob cut

While the stacked bob is the all-encompassing name for the style, you still have some options if you decide it's the look you want to go for in 2023. One of the most popular options is the sharp A-line, or inverted bob, which features much longer hair, usually chin-length, near your face and shorter hair with lots of layers at the back of your head. 

If the inverted bob isn't your style, you might want to try out the shaggy stacked bob. Modern shag haircuts are trendy, and combining them with the stacked bob gives you a style that includes a ton of texture and thick bangs. If you want to go shorter, you can consider the pixie stacked bob, which keeps the back of the hair super short like a pixie cut would but also keeps the longer length near the front of your face.

Style your stacked bob in versatile ways to keep it interesting

When you ultimately decide on a style, bring some photos to your stylist to make sure they know exactly what it is you're looking for and what you like about the style. And while you're at the salon, you can add highlights and pops of color to the style to make it your own. With this cut, you can opt to straighten your hair, curl it, or even wear it wavy. Use styling products like finishing sprays, gels, or pomades to create the perfect texture.

New York celebrity hairstylist Nunzio Savioni told Real Simple that the stacked bob's "layers require some styling but are super easy with just the use of volumizing spray or mousse, a round brush, velcro rollers, or even hot rollers."

While the haircut may be easy to style, you should be prepared to spend quite a bit of time in the hair salon. Most haircuts require trims every couple of months, the stacked bob requires a bit more upkeep. Because the stacked bob requires a number of precise layers to achieve the desired look, you should expect to spend time in the salon at least every six to eight weeks. If your hair grows more quickly, you may be in the salon more often than that. Still, if the stacked bob is the look you want, don't let the amount of trimming in the salon scare you away.