30 Cozy Video Games You Can Use To De-Stress

With many big-name games like "Call of Duty," "Overwatch," and "Grand Theft Auto" centering around violence or competition, you might not think of video games as an after-work outlet used to de-stress. While this high-stakes content can be cathartic, a way to let out frustrations or a much-needed distraction, sometimes we just want something low-key and comforting to help us relax.

Enter cozy games. This genre of video games has been around for a long time, but it really took off during the 2020 pandemic alongside the release of Nintendo's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." Now more than ever, people are discovering the varied world of simulation and puzzle games, using them to fill their weekends or unwind after a long work day. Filled with cute and nostalgic art styles, cuddly characters, and often repetitive or laid-back game mechanics, the appeal of these games becomes pretty clear once you start playing.

Within the cozy classification, there are many types of games that offer their own sense of relaxation. From creative life sims and cutesy farm simulators to focus-inducing point-and-click games and challenging platformers, you have lots of options to choose from. So, after making your bedroom the perfect comfy haven and selecting your stress relief essential oils, you can curl up and de-stress with one of our favorite cozy games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" fans will be very familiar for those acquainted with cozy games, but it's worth mentioning for those new to the genre. The premise of the game centers around the customizable human player who moves to an empty island after purchasing a getaway package from the infamous Tom Nook. While some overarching objectives exist, such as expanding the villager community, increasing the island's star rating, and completing collections, the game offers an open-ended, highly-customizable experience.

One of the more expensive options, it is $59.99 and is only available to play on the Nintendo Switch. If you don't have this console, you can always check out "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp," a mobile phone version of the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

"Disney Dreamlight Valley" is another big name in the cozy game community, though it's a much more recent installment. The storyline of the game centers around saving Dreamlight Valley, a neighborhood once home to a plethora of Disney and Pixar characters, from a mysterious memory-loss plague that manifests in Night Thorns.

With crafting, exploration, and quest-based gameplay, "Disney Dreamlight Valley" has a multitude of life simulation and adventure mechanics. Currently, the Disney-based game is in early access, available to purchase for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. It's also available through Xbox Game Pass. Upon full release, the game will be free-to-play.

House Flipper

Next on the list is "House Flipper," an indie build and design simulator that offers players the opportunity to buy, remodel, and sell homes. While it might seem counterintuitive to de-stress from your day job or relax after house chores by playing a job simulator, part of which involves cleaning up trashed houses, the immersive gameplay is praised for its relaxing qualities.

Though its first-person, 3D style may cause motion sickness, "House Flipper" is otherwise a great cozy game option. Available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, the game typically costs $24.99. Plus, it has lots of DLC options if you want to expand your experience. There is also a mobile phone version titled "House Flipper: Home Design."

The Sims 4

Another well-known and beloved game is "The Sims 4," a life simulator that has been around since 2000. While this game can definitely be chaotic, it can also be super cozy and relaxing, all depending on your play style. An open-ended sandbox game, "The Sims 4" allows players to create sims, build houses and community lots, and explore life through careers, aspirations, and relationships.

Since October of 2022, "The Sims 4" base game is free to play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. While there's a large amount of DLC available to purchase, the game also has a huge modding and custom content community available for those that play on PC.

Stardew Valley

Those in the cozy community will no doubt recognize "Stardew Valley," one of the most popular indie games in the genre. A farming and small-town simulator with a pixelated 2D style, this game follows the customizable protagonist as they leave their city desk job to move to an abandoned farm inherited from their grandpa.

Heavily inspired by the OG "Harvest Moon" games, mechanics include farming, fishing, foraging, mining, and animal raising. Restoring the town's community center and building relationships with the townspeople are also key elements of the game. At $14.99, "Stardew Valley" is available for PC and mobile in addition to all major consoles.

Coral Island

Released in early access in October of 2022, "Coral Island" is another farming and small-town life simulator. Set apart from other games by its diverse cast of characters and tropical island location, the game's primary conflict revolves around an oil spill that has polluted the island's coral reefs and the looming threat of being overtaken by the Pufferfish Drilling Corp.

On top of classic farming sim mechanics, "Coral Island" is also set to include features like pollution cleanup and underwater exploration. The game's initial release is only accessible for Windows PC, though it is set to be available on other major platforms in the future.


"Ooblets" is a farming and small-town simulator with a creature collection mechanic. While this collection aspect can be compared to that of the Pokémon franchise, it replaces the traditional creature combat with a cute and wholesome dance-off element. Besides obtaining and leveling up ooblets, the game also allows players to grow unique crops, explore a pleasant town with charming characters, craft and sell items, and customize the in-game avatar and home. The game is available to purchase for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Windows PC.

Wylde Flowers

"Wylde Flowers" is another farming and life sim, but this time with a witchy, cottage-core spin. Fully voice-acted, the story-rich narrative is a huge component of the game, with players assuming the role of Tara as she returns to the small town of Fairhaven. There, she unravels a town mystery while helping out on her grandma's farm, makes connections with other witches, and grows her magical powers.

"Wylde Flowers" is available to play on PC and Nintendo Switch for $24.99 or on mobile through Apple Arcade. If you're wanting to test it out, there is also a demo version accessible on Steam.

Graveyard Keeper

For those with a taste for the morbid, "Graveyard Keeper" is a farming and crafting RPG in which the nameless protagonist suddenly awakes in a historically inaccurate, medieval-inspired setting. Thrust into the role of the town graveyard keeper, players must manage their graveyard, build up their adjoining church, fulfill villager quests, and grow their alchemy skills to return home.

A hi-bit style indie game, "Graveyard Keeper" is definitely a good management sim for those who want to de-stress with a bit of dark humor. It's available for purchase on all major gaming platforms, including PC, and has multiple DLCs inspired by popular TV series.


Next up is "Wytchwood," a crafting adventure game set in a gothic and fairytale-inspired world. Playing as an old witch, gamers explore the magical countryside, collect ingredients, brew potions, and interact with a host of creature-like characters. Boasting a fanciful art style and fable-inspired story arcs, this game is praised for its rich storytelling.

Although elements of the gameplay can become repetitive, it's otherwise worth checking out for its cute and cozy vibes. Available to purchase on all major gaming platforms, "Wytchwood" sells for $19.99 on Steam.

Cozy Grove

"Cozy Grove" is another life sim that heavily focuses on crafting and collecting. With a bit of a spookier vibe, you play as a customizable Spirit Scout, camping out in the wilderness, uncovering Cozy Grove secrets, and interacting with the island's ghosts. It's through these ghostly characters that the story of the island really comes to life, which is something the game is really praised for.

Similar to "Animal Crossing," this game is synced with real-time, offering players daily tasks as an incentive to log on regularly. An indie game, you can purchase "Cozy Grove" for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or mobile.

Little Witch in the Woods

For more adorable witch vibes, we suggest "Little Witch in the Woods," an adventure RPG that was released in early access in May of 2022. As protagonist Ellie, players are tasked with successfully completing a witch apprenticeship, requiring them to forage in the forest, craft potions, and interact with charming characters.

While the game is super cute, boasting a pixelated art style, its early access status does translate into some issues and bugs. However, this is definitely one relaxing game to keep your eye on as it continues to be developed. Currently, "Little Witch in the Woods" is available to purchase on PC and Xbox.


"Kynseed" is an adventure and life sim that takes a sandbox approach to the traditional farming sim. With management, combat, exploration, farming, and crafting features, there's lots of room for players to experiment with and customize their in-game experience. While many reviewers praise its cuddly vibes and creative execution, they also note that, though in full release, many aspects of the game aren't fully developed, specifically the generational element. For those interested, "Kynseed" can be accessed for Windows PC for $24.99.

Travellers Rest

Next comes "Travellers Rest," an indie management RPG that was released in Early Access in July 2020. Playing as an innkeeper, gamers manage and upgrade their very own tavern and inn, farming crops, crafting recipes, and tending to customers. Combining a medieval-like fantasy setting with a classic, pixelated art style, this game provides all the necessary cozy vibes.

As mentioned, the game is in early access, so not all features are complete or present, but updates can be expected in the future. As of now, the game is available to purchase for Windows PC.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

If you're a fan of relaxing management games, then "Good Pizza, Great Pizza" is definitely worth considering. In this game, players run their very own pizza shop, fulfilling pizza orders, earning money, and serving a variety of interesting characters. While the premise may sound simple, the game does get more challenging as you level up. However, it still maintains a chill atmosphere perfect for getting lost in.

An indie game, "Good Pizza, Great Pizza" was originally created as a mobile app, but is also accessible on Nintendo Switch or PC.

Lemon Cake

Another more laid-back take on restaurant management games, "Lemon Cake" allows players to restore a bakery, bake pastries and sweets, grow fresh ingredients, and manage customers. As you progress in the game, you'll be able to unlock new spaces, access additional recipes, and upgrade your business. While some reviewers mention that the game can become more stressful as you level up, it will certainly meet the cozy criteria for those who enjoy more repetitive, streamlined gameplay.

Another independently developed game, "Lemon Cake" can be purchased for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.


"Meowjiro" combines management, raising, and collection mechanics to create a fun, cute experience. Playing as a convenience store worker, you tend to customers, restock shelves, and clean messes to earn money to care for your cat at home and watch them grow. Though it's a relatively short indie game, with only a few hours' worth of content, it's also one of the more affordable additions to the list, selling for $5.99 on Steam. "Meowjiro" can be played on Windows PC.

Cat Cafe Manager

"Cat Cafe Manager" is also a low-key management game perfect for cat lovers. In this wholesome life sim, players travel to Caterwaul Way to restore the cat cafe left to them by their grandmother. You can expand and customize your cafe, connect with the townspeople, and befriend local cats. With an adorable storyline and charming characters, "Cat Cafe Manager" brings all the coziness you need to de-stress. Available for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, this game can be purchased for $19.99.

A Castle Full of Cats

For those looking for a chillaxed puzzle, "A Castle Full of Cats" is a cute hidden object game in which players are tasked with finding all the cats in a mysterious catvania castle. With over 500 cats to be identified and many secrets to be uncovered, this game promises a simple but charming experience. "A Castle Full of Cats" is on the shorter side, with less than 10 hours of gameplay, but is also pretty cost-effective, going for $2.99 on Steam. Additionally, it's accessible only on Windows PC.

A Little to the Left

For more puzzle-based comfort, check out "A Little to the Left." This is an indie organizational puzzle game that requires players to sort, stack, and categorize a large range of household items, identifying certain solutions. Boasting over 75 levels, those who appreciate well-organized spaces and stimulating problems are certain to get their fix here. While reviews are mostly positive, Steam commenters do mention that some puzzles can be frustrating in their particularness. If you're interested, "A Little to the Left" is available to purchase on PC or Nintendo Switch.


"Unpacking" is another indie puzzle pick that can serve as a great de-stressor. Advertised as part decoration game and part block-fitting puzzle, this game has players go through various venues, unpacking and placing items. Paired with a cute art style and soothing music, a heartwarming story is told through the different levels, making it a narrative-rich, wholesome game.

Though some reviewers take issue with the amount of gameplay available for the $19.99 price, this is definitely worth considering if you enjoy simple puzzle games and want to support indie creators. "Unpacking" is accessible to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Strange Horticulture

For slightly spookier vibes, "Strange Horticulture" is a puzzle and mystery game that takes an occult angle on the genre. Playing as a horticulturist and shop owner, you serve an interesting cast of customers, explore potentially dangerous lands, and discover and identify new plants. At the same time, you are tasked with uncovering the mystery of your small town, Undermere, and are able to make decisions that will affect your game's ending. A great example of a cozy game with a slightly darker tone, "Strange Horticulture" is available to purchase for PC or Nintendo Switch.


While some people exclude action-oriented games from the cozy classification, there are several action-adventure games that fit the vibe check for those looking for such gameplay. "Eastward," for example, is an indie RPG with puzzle, exploration, and combat mechanics. As John and Sam, an unlikely father-daughter-like duo, players can explore a society on the brink of collapse, uncovering the story of the world's downfall and unraveling the mystery behind Sam's appearance.

With a cute, retro art style, a compelling story, and charming side characters, "Eastward" is definitely worth checking out if don't mind the fighting gameplay. You can play this game on PC, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox.

Garden Story

"Garden Story" is another action-adventure entry in the cozy genre. For this game, players assume the role of a grape, aiming to restore The Grove through foraging, exploration, and combat gameplay. While rebuilding and forming connections with the community, players will also uncover the secrets of the village's past.

As mentioned, "Garden Story" is classified as an action game, but there is the option to turn on "perish prevention" for less stressful combat. Undeniably cute and wholesome, this game can be purchased for PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

For more garden-based antics, "Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion" is an indie action-adventure game. Playing as Turnip Boy, you set off on a major quest to repay your debt after being evicted from your home. Along the way, you face enemies, solve puzzles, meet unique vegetable and fruit characters, and avoid paying your taxes.

Noted for its chaotic cuteness and comedic storytelling, "Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion" is definitely worth checking out. This game is relatively short, with 2-3 hours of content, and is available on all major gaming platforms.


Next comes "Spiritfarer," a story-rich platform and management game about death. In this beautifully animated indie title, players assume the role of Stella the Spiritfarer, a ferrymaster for the deceased. Advancing and managing your boat, you are able to explore the world and connect with the spirits of the afterlife. Some of the other mechanics include farming, fishing, mining, and crafting, leading to over thirty hours of gameplay.

Noted for its complex storytelling, this is one game that promises an emotional narrative in addition to its soothing atmosphere. "Spiritfarer" is available on all major platforms and can be purchased for $29.99.

Hollow Knight

"Hollow Knight" is another plot-focused platformer. However, this game takes on a darker tone and primarily consists of action-adventure game mechanics. While exploring the underground world of Hallownest, players will face a wide range of enemies, level up their skills and abilities, make game-influencing decisions, and encounter unique characters.

Combing both cute and creepy elements in the art style, this is a visually compelling, story-centered game that will definitely fulfill some people's cozy game desire. Accessible on all major gaming platforms, "Hollow Knight" is listed for $14.99 in the Steam store.

Night in the Woods

"Night in the Woods" is a plot-driven adventure game that employs a side-scrolling mechanic. While this game definitely contains darker themes than other games on the list, often employing a spooky vibe, its focus on storytelling and streamlined gameplay make it great to curl up with. As protagonist Mae Borowski, a college dropout returning to her hometown of Possum Springs, players will be able to explore a vibrant community, meet unique figures, and experience moving character development. This atmospheric indie title is available to play on major gaming platforms.

Beacon Pines

"Beacon Pines" is an adventure and visual novel game that combines cute and creepy elements for a unique, cozy vibe. With the plot centering around a small-town mystery set within a storybook, players act as both the reader and the main character, Luka, making decisions that result in various endings. With mild horror elements, this won't be the game for everyone, but its rich storytelling, charming characters, and solid soundtrack make it worth checking out. "Beacon Pines" can be purchased for PC, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox.

Coffee Talk

"Coffee Talk" is an interactive visual novel that features coffee shop mechanics. Instead of emphasizing management gameplay, the primary focus of this game is to explore the lives and problems of the unique fantasy characters that visit the shop. Though you will be expected to make and serve coffee, the stakes aren't as high as in other restaurant-themed games.

Very atmospheric and well-developed, "Coffee Talk" is a simple, contemplative game that really fosters all the relaxing, cozy vibes necessary for de-stressing. At $12.99, this game is available to purchase on all major gaming platforms.