All The Details About Brad Pitt's Relationship With Ines De Ramon

When you've ascended the ranks of Hollywood royalty as far as Brad Pitt, high-profile relationships are par for the course. The "Bullet Train" star has a long history of being romantically involved with other A-listers, which is probably why we're so curious about his new low-key love interest: Ines de Ramon. Who is she, and what do we know about their relationship so far?

While the pair have attempted to keep their romance under wraps, details about their alleged relationship are slowly beginning to emerge. Although neither of them has made an official statement about their relationship status yet, sources close to both Pitt and de Ramon have detailed that the two have been getting pretty serious as of late. 

After Brad Pitt's tumultuous relationship history, could Ines de Ramon be the partner he's been searching for? From local dinner parties to overseas vacations, here's all we know about the new couple so far.

Who is Brad Pitt's new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon?

For someone who engages in such star-studded relationships, Ines de Ramon prefers to keep her personal life surprisingly low-profile. Although she has massed over 100,000 followers on Instagram, her account is currently set to private. The majority of what we know about her is thanks to her LinkedIn.

According to her professional profile, de Ramon has been the vice president of the luxury jewelry brand Anita Ko since January 2020. Before that, she worked in the retail department of the jewelry company De Grisogono, and in the jewelry department of Christie's before that. Ines reportedly received her education from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2013.

In addition to her experience in the jewelry industry, de Ramon also appears to be passionate about health and nutrition. She became a certified integrative nutrition health coach in 2019 and appears to live a pretty active lifestyle. Before her reported romance with Brad Pitt, de Ramon was married to "The Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley. According to Us Weekly, the two separated in 2022. They officially filed for divorce in February 2023.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon are said to have bonded over their divorces

While Brad Pitt is regarded as one of the most popular and highly-paid actors of our time, his heavily reported divorces have garnered him almost as much attention as his movies. After his 2005 divorce from Jennifer Aniston and his ongoing divorce drama with Angelina Jolie, the 59-year-old actor has had his fair share of relationship woes.

But Pitt's past experience with divorce may have helped him relate to his new love interest. Since Ines de Ramon separated from her ex-husband Paul Wesley in 2022, a source told Us Weekly that Pitt has been "really supportive" of de Ramon regarding her own divorce. Fortunately, it appears that de Ramon and Wesley's divorce has been amicable so far, and likely will not become too complicated because the couple didn't have any children together. And although Pitt's highly publicized divorces were much more complex than de Ramon's appears to be, sources say that the pair have bonded over their shared experiences and spend as much time together as their busy schedules allow.

Brad Pitt reportedly doesn't care what anyone thinks of his relationship with Ines de Ramon

According to a source who spoke with The Daily Mail, the opinions of Angelina Jolie and Paul Wesley don't hold much weight with Pitt. In fact, the star "doesn't give a damn" what they think of his new relationship with de Ramon.

Pitt and Jolie initially filed for divorce in 2016, and became legally divorced in 2019. But although the two have parted ways romantically, they are still in the midst of grueling legal battles regarding the separation of their assets and the custody of their children. After dealing with the stress and hardship of his complicated divorce, the source shared that Brad wants Angelina to know that he is happy with someone else.

Additionally, the insider claimed that Brad isn't concerned with Wesley's opinion on his new relationship with Ines. Considering that Wesley has reportedly moved on as well with model Natalie Kuckenburg, we aren't sure that he's all that concerned with Pitt's opinion, either.

Brad Pitt started dating Ines de Ramon before her divorce was final

According to Us Weekly, Ines de Ramon and Paul Wesley both filed their divorce paperwork on February 17, 2023, stating that their four-year marriage was ending due to "irreconcilable differences." But their split actually happened long before that, with a representative telling E! News in September 2022 that the couple had mutually separated five months earlier — putting the initial split sometime around April 2022.

Although de Ramon was not legally divorced yet, by the time the jewelry professional was first sighted with Brad Pitt in late 2022, she had already been single for an estimated eight months. This happens to be the same amount of time it took Wesley to find a new love interest, as Page Six spotted him with his new girlfriend Natalie Kuckenburg getting cozy on the Amalfi Coast during the same time period. So although their marriage hadn't been legally severed yet, the exes appear to be on the same page when it comes to moving on.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon have a significant age gap

Celebrity couples with considerable age differences have been getting a lot of media attention as of late. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio has received backlash for his history of dating notably younger women. And while Pitt and de Ramon (ages 59 and 32, respectively, according to People) haven't received that level of scrutiny, some people have raised eyebrows at the fact that the duo is nearly three decades apart.

But despite any negative connotations that may be associated with their large age gap, an insider told Us Weekly that Brad and Ines aren't worried at all.

According to the source, the age difference "isn't an issue for either of them." The insider explained that their relationship is comfortable and playful in nature, and Pitt is reported to have more energy than ever. Honestly, given the fact that Pitt has continued to star in hit movie after hit movie since before de Ramon was even born, was his vitality ever really in question?

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon were first seen together at a Bono concert

Rumors began flying about the nature of Brad and Ines' relationship after they were seen together at a Bono concert on November 13, 2022 (per The Daily Mail). They were pictured outside the Orpheum Theatre chatting with other celebrity attendees such as Cindy Crawford and Sean Penn. The pair stood very close to one another, and Pitt could be seen pulling de Ramon closer to him from time to time.

The alleged couple looked cool and casual for the event. Brad sported a comfortable fleece jacket over a white T-shirt, relaxed jeans, and a floppy brown hat. Ines looked stunning while wearing leather pants, a yellow Fendi bag, and a crop top under a plaid flannel shirt.

And although it appears Ines was being introduced to some of Brad's A-list buddies for the first time, video from the evening shows de Ramon appearing calm and collected. While many would become star-struck upon meeting the likes of Cindy Crawford in person, the jewelry executive seemed accustomed to engaging with high-profile celebs.

Ines de Ramon accompanied Brad Pitt to the premiere of his movie Babylon

Pitt's newest film "Babylon" premiered at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles on December 15, 2022. Although the star walked the red carpet solo, he attended the premiere's after-party with Ines de Ramon, making this event their second public outing together. Sources told People the couple would occasionally put their arms around one another while they visited with other attendees. Seeing as major celebrities don't typically bring just anyone to accompany them at these types of events, it seemed that Pitt and de Ramon were beginning to get serious at this stage.

While the duo wasn't photographed together that evening, celebrity makeup artist Katie Danza posted photos of de Ramon's evening look to her Instagram. She went full glam for the occasion and looked striking in a floor-length, form-fitted gown. The Anita Ko VP completed the look with diamond details, displaying beautiful dangling earrings in multiple ear piercings.

Brad Pitt spent his 59th birthday with Ines de Ramon

On December 18, 2022, Brad and Ines were spotted exiting the Los Angeles restaurant Pace after dining with their friends. Since Pitt's birthday is December 18, Page Six concluded that the dinner must have been in celebration of Brad's 59th birthday. But it just so happens that Ines' birthday is December 19, so one could speculate that this was an early birthday party for the both of them.

The not-yet-official couple was pictured looking joyful as they entered a vehicle outside of the restaurant. Pitt was seen carrying bags filled with birthday gifts to the car, and the pair laughed, chatted, and embraced before departing.

Maintaining a cool, casual vibe, Brad wore a striped button-down and jeans for the occasion. Ines wore a cozy fleece-lined overcoat and was smiling ear to ear as she mingled with Pitt and a friend.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon vacationed in Mexico together

Nothing signals a relationship becoming more serious like international travel — especially over a holiday. Rather than attending a party on New Year's Eve, the pair chose to ring in the new year together by lounging poolside in Cabo San Lucas (per Page Six). The warm-weather getaway occurred less than two months after the couple was first sighted together in November. The pair seems to prefer each other's company over that of other celebs back home in Los Angeles, which speaks volumes of how much they've been enjoying their time together.

The duo appeared to be very comfortable, sunbathing side by side, with de Ramon choosing to ditch her bikini top completely, wearing only a patterned sarong and sunglasses. Brad wore swim trunks that showed off his fit physique and his tattoos while reading what appeared to be a film script in a thick binder. They seemed to be very relaxed with one another as they quietly enjoyed each other's company in paradise.

Ines de Ramon reportedly received flowers from Brad Pitt on Valentine's Day

Although Brad couldn't be with Ines in person for Valentine's Day, he still made sure to let her know he was thinking of her. A source confirmed to People that when de Ramon was photographed with a large bouquet of pink peonies, they were, in fact, from Pitt.

De Ramon was all smiles as she was seen clutching the floral arrangement, also carrying an extra-long baguette under her arm. Wearing an all-black ensemble that included boxy sunglasses and a leather satchel, de Ramon looked stunning as she flaunted the thoughtful gift.

While we're sure Pitt would have loved to be with de Ramon in person, he has been busy shooting his upcoming movie "Wolves" in New York. Pictured on the streets of Chinatown with co-star and longtime pal George Clooney, Pitt appeared to be having a good time while on set (per People). The film, co-produced by both Pitt and Clooney, is set to premiere as an Apple Originals film once completed.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon dined in Paris together

On their second reported international trip together, Brad and Ines were spotted at the restaurant Fouquet's in Paris for a gala (via Twitter). On the evening of February 24, 2023, the new couple sat next to each other, both dressed to the nines as they mingled with other guests. Video footage showed Brad wearing a classic black suit, while Ines dazzled in a silver gown, a diamond choker necklace, and shimmering dangling earrings. If there's one thing we can infer about de Ramon at this point, it's that she's an expert at accessorizing with jewelry.

Pitt was in Paris that night for the César Awards, where he surprised director David Fincher with an honorary award. Pitt and Fincher have worked together since the 90s, creating hit films such as "Seven," "Fight Club," and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" together.

And since Pitt invited de Ramon to accompany him to the city of love for the event, it's presumed that the two really are settling into a more serious relationship at this point.

It's unclear if Ines de Ramon has met Brad Pitt's kids yet

While Ines has no children, Brad has six kids with Angelina Jolie. The ex-spouses have been in the throes of a custody battle over their children Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, Knox, and Vivienne since they filed for divorce in 2016. In the midst of those legal issues, one can imagine that introducing a new partner to the kids isn't something that any parent would take lightly.

At this point, it's unclear if de Ramon has met the Jolie-Pitt bunch yet. According to a source that spoke with The Daily Mail, de Ramon had already met most of Pitt's kids as of February 20, 2023. But on the contrary, Entertainment Tonight reported on February 26, 2023, that Ines had not met Brad's kids yet, and had only been present while he was on the phone with them. In any case, the two appear to be getting pretty serious, and we wouldn't be surprised if family introductions are on the horizon.

Sources say Brad Pitt sees long-term potential in his relationship with Ines de Ramon

Although neither Brad nor Ines has officially confirmed their relationship, sources told Us Weekly that the time they've spent together has been a positive influence on Pitt's life. Reportedly, Ines is quite laid back and has a very "uplifting energy." Insiders close to the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" lead say that this is a welcome change for him after his incredibly stressful divorce from Angelina Jolie. From abuse allegations to lawsuits, Pitt has been through an incredible amount of drama over the past seven years, so it's no surprise that he's interested in a much more positive relationship at this point in his life.

Another source told Us Weekly in 2020 that it's doubtful Pitt will ever get married again, but we'd be lying if we said we aren't rooting for Brad and Ines' relationship to succeed. Even if wedding bells aren't in the couple's future, we're living for the photos that continue to emerge of the duo and can't wait to see what kind of luxurious location they're spotted in next.