Aimeé Teegarden: What Only True Fans Know About The Hallmark Star

Hallmark has become so much more than a store for greeting cards. The Odyssey Network became the Hallmark Channel in 2001. By 2009, Christmas became integral to the Hallmark Channel as the channel held its first "Countdown to Christmas" celebration. Later came original television shows and movie-based Valentine's Day celebrations as well. Through it all, Hallmark has maintained its early branding as a "family-friendly" network on cable television (per TV Insider). However, some viewers contest the family-friendly theme now that the channel includes LGBTQ+ storylines in some of its films.

Despite some pushback, the Hallmark Channel remains a favorite among cable networks, boosting the careers of those who star in the channel's films and shows. Among those stars is Aimeé Teegarden. Though she has appeared in more than one Hallmark film (with multiple to come), she did not get her start in acting with the Hallmark Channel. In fact, Hallmark is only a relatively recent addition to her resume.

Aimeé Teegarden is known for her role in Friday Night Lights

There's a reason this popular Hallmark star looks so familiar. Aimeé Teegarden first began acting with small roles in multiple television shows from "Hannah Montana" to "CSI: Miami" in the early 2000s. Her big break came with the show "Friday Night Lights." The drama series chronicled the Dillon Panthers, a top-ranked fictional high school football team. The show was inspired by the book "Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream" and ran from 2006 to 2011 on NBC. Teegarden played Julie Taylor on the show, which also starred Jesse Plemons and Connie Britton. "Friday Night Lights" received three Emmy Awards, including outstanding lead actress in a drama series for Britton. Teegarden won TV Actress of the Year at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards for her role in the series.

Teegarden was only 16 when she filmed the first episode of "Friday Night Lights." It was her first time filming a television pilot. "It was just such a special show and it was an amazing time in my life," she told Nylon after the show's successful five-year run.

Aimeé Teegarden is also a model

After "Friday Night Lights" wrapped up, Aimeé Teegarden took on the lead role of Nova Prescott in Disney's "Prom." This coming-of-age film follows high school teens gearing up for one of the most infamous parts of high school and all of the comedy and drama that ensues for the cast. Teegargen later appeared in "Star Crossed" on the CW and "Notorious" on ABC. However, neither show had the staying power of "Friday Night Lights."

As countless actors do, Teegarden has landed several modeling gigs to go along with her acting credits. She modeled in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Hollister, and Old Navy. In fact, she has been modeling as long as she has been acting. TV Fanatic states that she entered the modeling world at 10 years old. As her career took shape, the rising star began devoting herself to personal passions and to charity work.

Aimeé Teegarden supports wildlife conservation charities

Aimeé Teegarden is a staunch supporter of Oceana, a nonprofit aiming to preserve biodiversity in the world's oceans. The organization campaigns for policies that protect oceans on a global scale. According to Oceana's website, Teegarden supports Oceana because she enjoys surfing and wildlife. She attends events for Oceana and even co-hosted the 2013 Nautica Oceana Beach House in Santa Monica, California on behalf of the organization.

Teegarden's love for surfing paid off when she starred in the 2012 film "Beautiful Wave." She was also an associate producer for the film, making "Beautiful Wave" her first time working both behind and in front of the camera. The film touches on sea turtle conservation as well. "Animals in general have always been my passion, project, crusade—whatever you want to call it! The ocean is such a huge, beautiful thing that I feel like we all take for granted," she told Seventeen.

Aimeé Teegarden's on-screen characters often overcome challenges

As shown by including the importance of wildlife conservation in "Beautiful Wave," Aimeé Teegarden is not afraid to tackle serious topic in her roles and films. In her very first Hallmark film "Once Upon a Christmas Miracle," she played Heather Krueger, a woman seeking a liver transplant after receiving a life-altering diagnosis. A stranger offers to donate a portion of his liver to her. In the process, the two grow close and fall in love.

In 2022, she appeared in Hallmark's "Heart of the Matter." She spoke to TV Fanatic about her character, cardiologist Andie. Tragedy strikes, causing Andie to "question her purpose in life." 

As Hallmark is known for its feel-good stories, Teegarden saw the benefit of bringing difficult aspects of life to the forefront with the film. "There's so much opportunity to really start conversations, and for people to have more of a dialogue around some of these heavier emotions in life," Teegarden stated.

Aimeé Teegarden plans to make more films with Hallmark

In April 2022, Aimeé Teegarden signed a deal with Hallmark to appear in multiple films for the network. "Getting to work with Hallmark on projects that are both heartwarming and inspirational has been a dream come true. I'm ecstatic to continue," she told Parade

Teegarden's deal came at a time when a handful of Hallmark stars made film and television deals with Great American Country (GAC) Media. Candace Cameron Bure made headlines when she made the move to GAC Media's Great American Family channel. Danica McKellar and Trevor Donovan signed deals with GAC Media as well (per Yahoo News).

Hallmark is happy to have more films with Teegarden. Lisa Hamilton, Executive Vice President of Programming at Hallmark's parent company stated (via Parade), "Aimee's charming performances have resonated with viewers and critics alike. We are thrilled to continue working with her on new feel-good movies.)