Styling Baggy Clothes For A Flattering Fit Is Possible. Here's How To Get It Right

Styling baggy clothes can feel intimidating. You might be scared that if you go for the oversized tee, you'll overdo it or risk not looking put together. But baggy garments have stayed relevant for over two decades with good reason: taking up space with voluminous cuts communicates confidence. Celebrity stylist Zadrian Smith tells Vogue, "We're seeing a return of '90s trends in general, and we really love to see the re-emergence of hugely oversized pieces — they can be so fun to play with." And Smith is right, there are truly so many options to experiment with when you finally embrace the baggy.

Whether it's baggy garments mixed with tighter ones or baggy on baggy fits, we've seen fashion influencers make just about every combination work. Boutique owner Pauline Montupet explained to The Zoe Report that "the key is to make sure they look intentionally big. So, pants might be loose in the hip and leg, but make sure the waist fits. Or, an oversized jacket — taking up the sleeve or hem a few inches can make a huge difference in something looking intentionally oversized versus just too big."

We gathered a variety of ways you can get creative with some excess fabric.

Unbuttoned baggy button-down

A baggy button-down top can be hard to style when wearing a skirt. While there's no shame in wearing a t-shirt dress, if you want to make the skirt a part of the outfit, the top will typically be too long to wear fully buttoned. @fuhzz figured out how to make the two pieces work. Throwing on a dazzling sparkly top, buttoning only the top few buttons to give yourself some coverage while also giving the mini skirt a moment.

Business but baggy

Slacks and a blazer are usually categorized as a more stuffy, straight-laced type of vibe. However, when given baggy sizing, the pair can transform into something more laid-back and chic. Try @shaheenchand's look with a big, graphic tee and comfy suede clogs for an effortless and edgy outfit. Neutral blocked colors and sleek lines give the clothing combination an air of business casual. This outfit could double for a casual brunch or a chill day at the office.


The monochrome fashion trend is one of the simpler looks to pull off. You pick a color for the day and find a top, bottom, and accessories that match it. Though there is less variation in these outfits, you can still always find a way to make them unique and fitted to your specific occasion. @taontm put together the perfect monochrome outfit for a night out that you can recreate with a white snug strapless top and white baggy jeans; a look that is flattering without fail.

Straight lined

In fashion, we usually look for clothes that complement and intensify the silhouette. But rebelling against that can send such a cool, confident message. @monpetitchuchu's loose-fitting sweater and skirt outfit meets the mark. The sweater gathers below the hips, making for a straight-sided waist. This line continues all the way down her skirt to the mid-shin. And while her silhouette is simple, she has blocks of red, grey, and black to keep the onlooker's eye interested and moving.

Baby doll dress

While the name implies it would be miniature, a baby doll dress is actually the opposite. Instead, it hangs on you without hugging your body. This allows for ultimate comfort and is the perfect breezy, light fit to throw on when it's warm outside. @jainaazalea shows just how effortlessly a baby doll dress comes together. Pair your baby doll dress with strappy heels and a pair of sunnies for a sophisticated and simple outfit that can easily transition from day to night. 

Basketball shorts

If you ask us, basketball shorts are underrated in the world of fashion. They've been designated for the court, but they could kill it on the runway. We can't take credit for this idea alone, though. @DivaSmith gave us a major inspiration. Combine baggy shorts with a black crop top and high-top sneakers for a look that epitomizes street style. To add some feminine touches, don't forget to pick out your favorite dainty gold jewelry and a fun handbag.

Oversized leather jacket

Few people realize just how creative you can get with the outfit you wear to and from your workout. You get to mix and match regular wear and athletic wear. @RaeEveryday shared her transitional workout fit with the caption, "POV: You are on your way to your favorite pilates class . . ." Channel your inner cool girl with a cute workout set in a fun color and an oversized leather biker jacket for a cozy look with some edge. 

Wide-leg pants

Once a '70s staple, wide-legged pants have become a classic pant fit over the past half-decade. Whether you are looking for jeans or slacks, corduroys or leather, the stores are filled with these boot-friendly cuts. @musingsofacurvylady showcases her take on the trending look with oversized, silk, wide-leg purple trousers and a white button-down. To give this look more dynamic, you can follow her lead, keeping the top relatively split and tucking a part of it in.

Colorful layers

It can be easy to stick to more neutral or darker tones. They go together with everything, and when it's the winter season, you aren't necessarily thinking about a rainbow of vivid colors. But it can really brighten up your day and intentions to put on something reflective of positivity. @elinorcharlotte shows a great example of how you can still layer up and stay warm while adding pops of color. Play with lots of colors when styling your own rainbow baggy look; the more, the merrier. 

Oversized bomber

Bomber jackets might have peaked in popularity a few years back, but they certainly have not gone anywhere. This puffy outwear option is a great addition to any outfit, so it's no wonder that it kept up with the ever-changing trend cycle. An oversized bomber jacket adds another texture to your look which helps create dimension and interest. An oversized, bold bomber like @catlpatterson's gives the outfit the perfect pop of color whether you want to style a similar look with something more neutral or bold.

Layers over a mini skirt

Do you ever feel like you want to cover up and show some skin at the same time? We've been there before. Maybe it's cold outside, but all you're in the mood to wear is your new pleated skirt. Or you love your new baggy jacket, but it's too hot to pair with pants. Don't worry, the two actually don't have to contradict each other, as @sophiakelly shared, a combination of warm and cold weather articles of clothing can actually complement each other. 

Oversized peacoat

A fitted peacoat can feel very preppy. There is nothing wrong with this, but if this isn't what you're going for, you can still rock a peacoat and project something a little edgier. Like @stxph.h, you can wear an oversized coat alongside billowing cuffed jeans, a loose sweater, and sneakers. Slouchy, roomy clothes always come across as casual street style. When combined with this refined buttoned-up and collared coat, it creates an undeniably cool and irreverent dynamic to the outfit.

Tucked jacket

Sometimes you want to wear a baggy jacket all zipped or buttoned up but don't want to sacrifice the cut of your pant or skirt waistline. Well, it turns out this sacrifice is unnecessary, and the two looks can coincide. Take some fashion inspo from @dahanadcr and match a suede, oversized, buttoned-up tan jacket with a ribbed, flowy long skirt. And don't forget to tuck the jacket up either into the skirt or a tighter, short top for a cool, cropped look.

Matching knit set

Ribbed knit always looks luxurious from the onlooker's perspective. A full outfit made of a soft, thick material like this sounds like a dream. Not only would it feel like a dream, but @simonenoa makes it look like a dream as well. Wear a baggy, thickly knitted matching button-down and skirt made from a multicolored, light magenta yarn. You can pull the outfit together with simple brown leather accents with shoes, bags, and sunglasses to nail the "French girl" look.

Oversized sleeves

Often when you try on a button-down and the cuffs extend past your hands, you either get a smaller size or roll up the sleeves. But what if you made the extra fabric look intentional like @Jessie_Bush? For an outfit your friends will envy, pair your brightly colored, oversized button-down with some black, frayed jean shorts, creating a modern and unique look perfect for a sunny day in the park. And grab your favorite sunnies to protect your eyes from those UV rays. 

Baggy capris

At first thought, capris bring nothing but painful flashbacks to our early 2000s outfits. But on second thought, they are being revived in a way that is far cooler than those outdated versions of ourselves. Create a similar look to fashionista @elliee.rob by layering delicate lace tights beneath baggy, dark-wash denim capris and pair this combo with chunky black sneakers, a sweater vest, and a tee. This outfit will be unique and rich with a diverse mix of patterns and textures.

Baggy and a-lined

Another way to pair a long skirt and sweater is to break up the line of the sweater with an a-line skirt. As @robynhartwinks showed us, style a long, baggy sweater with a floor-length a-line skirt. Accessorize with a beret and chunky black boots for a maximalist take on a baggy look while also achieving a comfy, effortless vibe. This look can be an everyday work fit or an easy style to throw on when it's cold outside and you want to cover up.

Airport chic

We applaud any frequent flyer who is able to get on an airplane in a pair of real pants, but for many, that is the definition of discomfort. And while jeans and a blazer give you a chic put-together outfit, so too can a good pair of cozy sweats and a sweatshirt. Try copying @meimonstaa's travel day outfit by pairing a monochrome sweatsuit with your most-worn, sneakers giving just the right amount of baggy to feel comfy on a long flight.

Baggy cable-knit

There is nothing that screams winter classic more than a cream-colored, cable-knit wool sweater. This is especially true when it is oversized, slightly resembling a warm, cozy blanket. Add an extra large scarf, oversized bag, and knee-high boots like @lara-bsmnn did. While most of the outfit will hang loosely, you'll want to style the baggy sweater with a more fitted mini skirt giving the oversized fit a touch of variety in terms of its silhouette. Though, depending on how cold it is outside, you might want to also throw on some super thick tights.

Cargo shorts

We know cargo shorts seem like a tricky garment to make fashionable. They could either give off 2000s boy vibes with no interest in style or come across as an edgy 2023 fashionista. It's a fine line to walk, but model Paloma Elsesser's Instagram shows exactly how to nail the latter. Opt for a similar style by combining baggy shorts with a bikini for contrasting vibes that are sure to keep your vacation style interesting. You could also style the cargo shorts with a fitted t-shirt and some sneakers when you aren't on holiday.