The 'Sleepy Fringe' Trend Is Here To Solve Your High-Maintenance Bangs Problem

There's a new hairstyle that's here to solve all of your high-maintenance bang problems. Sometimes, all you need is a simple bang cut to completely upgrade and elevate your look but you just don't want to go through the effort of styling them every day. For the mornings where you just want to roll out of bed and get ready for the day slowly and with little effort, the sleepy fringe will be your new favorite go-to look. 

There are some bang styles that look effortlessly chic but actually take a lot more effort to style than you'd think. Blunt fringes are not for the low-maintenance girlies out there — you need to know exactly how to style them properly and take the time to do so. If not, they can look like an untamed mess. With the sleepy fringe, you'll get the slept on hair vibe that still looks chic and stylish but without the extra effort.

The sleepy fringe is the perfect '70s style cut

The sleepy fringe is a bang style that's slightly longer than other bang styles and has a retro '70s feel to it (via Glamour UK). These lengthier bangs have a much more laid-back and wispy bangs look, and typically sit just on top of the bridge of the nose or slightly above it. It's a lot less dramatic and bold of a cut compared to the blunt fringe or the striped micro fringe, giving your hair a casual bedhead and worn-in look that's still super chic.

The best part about the sleepy fringe is that it's versatile. Whether you have short curly hair or long thick hair, you'll be able to achieve the dreamy, romantic bang cut. Since they're so versatile and low-maintenance, you can also go days without having to style your bangs either. You won't even have to use heat to keep them tamed like with other bang styles.

How to style the sleepy fringe

Not only does the sleepy fringe work with many different hair types, but it also can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your style. You can sweep the bangs over to either the left or right side, or let them fall to both sides to contour and frame your face. If you're looking for more volume, use a blow dryer to get the voluminous and bouncy blowout effect that's trending all over social media right now. You can also try using hair rollers before bed and leave them in throughout the night to wake up to a gorgeous '90s style blowout. Make sure you roll your sleepy fringe up and away from your face to get the ultimate bounce and flick of the bangs. 

To keep your bangs looking tame and effortlessly chic, try blow drying them as soon as you get out of the shower (via Byrdie).