5 Must-Listen Podcasts To Celebrate Women's History Month

Women's History Month is a March holiday used to learn about and celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and in the present. For this month-long occasion, we encourage you to carve out some time to appreciate and uplift women's voices, taking particular care to understand their many contributions to society and culture throughout history.


While documentaries and nonfiction books are solid celebration options, sometimes a podcast is the easiest way to get your feminist fix. Luckily, whether you're looking for something to listen to while driving or need company cooking, there's a podcast perfect for every activity or mood, including your Women's History Month commemoration.

For podcasts with feminist themes, you'll find shows ranging from financial to spiritual, so you've got a lot to choose from. In the spirit of celebration, we've selected five must-listen podcasts that either highlight women's issues, explore women in history, or showcase courageous women of the present.


For those who enjoy short-form content, "Womanica" is the perfect way to get bite-sized lessons about women in history. A Wonder Media Network podcast typically hosted by Jenny Kaplan, this show releases 5-10 minute episodes every day, highlighting the life and accomplishments of a historical woman. In this way, "Womanica" is a great way to get quick insight into women of the past. If you're looking for somewhere to start, we recommend checking out "Mothers: Claudia Jones" and "Peacebuilders: Ingrid Washinawatok."


Vulgar History

"Vulgar History" is another podcast about women's history, but this pick will especially appeal to those interested in a more conversational, comedic take on the genre. Hosted by Ann Foster, this show typically features hour-long episodes focusing on one historic woman in history. For example, the show has covered Zheng Yi Zao, one of the most triumphant pirates of all time; Njinga, ruler of Ndongo and Matamba and one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history; and Mary Toft, an infamous English woman who claimed to have birthed 17 rabbits.


Our Body Politic

For a feminist podcast about contemporary events, we recommend "Our Body Politic." Hosted by award-winning journalist Farai Chideya, this show covers major political events and topics, exploring both how they affect and are impacted by women of color.


For example, "Indigenous Leaders on Protecting Native Rights, Land, & Culture" features interviews with Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior, and Ta'jin Perez, Deputy Director of Western Native Voice, exploring topics such as tribal sovereignty, Native American media, and the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative.

Feminist Buzzkills!

Another show about contemporary women's issues, "Feminist Buzzkills!" is an Abortion Access Front podcast hosted by Lizz Winstead, Moji Alawode-El, and Marie Khan. Focusing on issues of reproductive health, episodes break down news stories and feature conversations with reproductive health authorities, policy experts, and activists.


Given recent political events, staying informed about contemporary women's health issues is more important than ever, making this a particularly good podcast to tune into for Women's History Month, if not all year round.

Woman's Hour

Lastly comesĀ "Woman's Hour," a BBC Radio 4 pod that highlights women's voices and explores women's issues. Hosted by either Emma Barnett or Anita Rani, this daily podcast features interviews and stories of international importance, featuring voices like Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani education activist; Dame Melinda Simmons, the British Ambassador to Ukraine; and Bukky Bakray, BAFTA-winning actress.


This is a great Women's History Month listen for those wanting to uplift women's voices in the now or stay up-to-date on international issues.