Need A Quick Fix For Wrinkled Clothes? Reach For Your Favorite Hair Straightener

So-called life hacks have become a phenomenon among social media platforms. From TikTok to Snapchat, individual content creators and even content brands are dedicated to life hacks posts. TikTok incorporated the popular hashtag #tiktoktaughtme into their ad campaigns, and for good reason. What was once a social media platform known for dance videos has become an app for anything one's heart may desire. The #tiktoktaughtme tag, in particular, has 6.6 billion views on the app (per Buzzfeed). Our love of life hacks is part of the driving forces behind the tag.

Not all viral life hacks from the internet work, however. Luckily there are also plenty of content creators to test hacks promoted by other creators. Brands are getting on board with promoting the hacks that work as well. Among these are clothing life hacks. Surprisingly, there are some hair tools that can come in handy for clothing fixes as well. Before you throw your shirt back into the dryer or get out an iron, try some of these quick tips.

Hair straighteners are no longer just for hair

Keeping a polished appearance is still vital in the workplace or even just among friends. Most people do not want to go out in public with stained or wrinkled clothing. However, getting out the iron and ironing board is time consuming. Hair straighteners to the rescue! This especially works for collars on collared shirts but can also work on the rest of a garment. Simply heat up your straightener and clamp the fabric between the straightener just as you would with your hair. Good Housekeeping added this hack to a long list of beauty tips that also includes using a hair dryer to help break in shoes. Hair tools are no longer just for hair.

When using heat on fabric, keep in mind that some fabrics are delicate. Velvet, suede, and spandex cannot be ironed with a hair straightener or other heated products. Hair straighteners also have varying temperatures. Be sure not to use a setting that could damage your clothes. 

There are other ways to get wrinkles out of clothes

The benefits of using a hair straightener on clothing is the compact size of straighteners, and the time it takes to use one. Clothing irons are bulky, making them difficult to pack into a suitcase, and hotels do not always provide them. Hair straighteners also heat up quickly if you do not have time to wait for your iron. No water needed either.

Other ways to get wrinkles out of clothes without using a clothing iron include hanging up a wrinkled shirt while taking a shower. The steam will smooth it out, making a shower a new way to multitask. Steam from teapots can have the same effect, too (per KSBY). You can even put chemistry in action with common household ingredients. Real Simple explains that using a spray bottle to spray a mixture of water, fabric softener, and rubbing alcohol gets rid of wrinkles too.