Half-Moon Bangs Are The Perfect Curtain Bang Alternative If You Want A Fuller Look

Fringes have really been popping off lately, with baby, bottleneck, and curtain all being super trendy bang styles. Seeing these hairstyles on your social media feeds or worn by your favorite stars may tempt you to get bangs of your own, but it can be challenging to know what the right haircut is for you.


Face structure and forehead shape are some things to consider, but you also need to account for your personal style. Straight bangs are a timeless classic, but the revitalized curtain bangs bring all the '70s vibes you could ask for. Half-moon bangs are the perfect in-between, as they incorporate elements of blunt bangs while providing a fuller alternative to curtain fringe.

With celebrities like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Rocky Barnes wearing this cut, you won't look outdated if you opt for crescent bangs at your next salon visit. So, what exactly are half-moon bangs and how can you get the look yourself?

Explaining half-moon bangs

If you're unfamiliar, crescent-shaped fringe is a pretty straightforward cut. These bangs fall across the forehead, similar to straight bangs, and are slightly longer on the sides than in the middle to create a curved line. This is similar to the gradation seen in bottleneck bangs but follows an arched shape rather than that of a bottle's neck. Often, this fringe will also be on the heavier side, perfect for thicker hair — don't fret, they'll still work for finer hair — instead of the wispier style often seen in bottleneck bangs.


Half-moon bangs are commonly combined with longer, curtain-like fringe pieces to frame the entire face. This makes them an excellent alternative for those who like the look of curtain bangs, but want something with more volume across the forehead. There are also more extreme renditions of half-moon bangs that channel the energy of baby and micro bangs through their shortness. 

Getting half-moon bangs

Now that you know what half-moon bangs are, you'll probably be wondering how you can get the look for yourself. While there are a few tutorials online for those willing to DIY this haircut at home, we suggest taking it to the salon for the best results. The price for such a style will largely vary on your chosen salon, ranging anywhere from $15 to $100.


As for what to ask for during your appointment, you can tell your hairdresser that you want half-moon or crescent bangs, but make sure to stock up on photos showing off the look in case they aren't familiar with the style's name. We suggest browsing Instagram hashtags, looking on Pinterest, or searching through celeb looks to find the best inspiration.

You can also compare half-moon bangs to other forehead bangs, explaining that they are slightly curved instead of bluntly cut across. Be clear about your desired bang length too, as micro versions of crescent fringe aren't uncommon.