Tell-Tale Signs You're Being Cheated On - Exclusive

One of the biggest fears of any relationship is that sinking feeling that your partner is being unfaithful. But the worst part by far is the investigation that goes into figuring out when it's happening. Sometimes, we can sense when our partner is cheating, but often it's much harder to tell. And unfortunately, jumping to conclusions and panicking before knowing the full truth can cause us to make mistakes that are detrimental to getting to the bottom of the situation. 

If you are blinded by love, dealing with possible infidelity can be an especially emotional and complicated ordeal. However, there is an easy way to figure it out, and that comes from observing their behavior and keeping your eye on red flags. But how can you be so sure their behavior is really cause for concern? Body language expert Darren Stanton spoke to The List on behalf of Spin Genie to explain exactly what to look out for with a partner you suspect is being unfaithful. 

There is a sudden change in their habits or routine

After spending some time in a relationship, you begin to pick up on your partner's regular routine. Maybe they're the type to always go to the gym after work, or perhaps they're known to never fail to miss their favorite show every Thursday. Though its human nature to occasionally switch things up, body language expert Darren Stanton warns that if you notice your partner suddenly behaving unpredictably, or you've spotted a noticeable difference in their habits, you might want to be wary of possible infidelity. "Any sudden or drastic changes in a partner's habits can sometimes be a red flag. People in a relationship, especially one that has been there for many years, tend to be quite set in their ways," he explained. 

"...Any sudden and dramatic changes in their physical self, like suddenly wanting to go to the gym could be a sign that something is not right. Any unexpected changes in their routine could also be a bad signal. For example, if they have never had to work late before, but suddenly begin to have 7 pm meetings, it could be a sign that they are buying time for themselves," he continued. 

While there are certainly instances of routine changes in relationships, it's important to look out for these behaviors in your partner, Stanton stresses.

They are hiding things on their phone from you

It's not uncommon for someone to want privacy regarding their phone. It's our lifeline to the world around us. However, Stanton believes if your partner is going to extremes to hide something on their phone from you, it's a major red flag. "Mobile phones are another major reason that relationships tend to crumble. If you believe your partner is acting suspiciously when it comes to their phone, it's highly likely that something is going on," he noted. 

Stanton continued, "Those who have nothing to hide would have no problem leaving their phone in view of their other half. However, if your partner is extra cautious about their phone or taking it to the bathroom to text, something is clearly wrong." If you are unsure whether your partner's phone behavior is concerning, try having an open conversation rather than snooping around, which could land you in even more trouble. 

There is a lack of physical touch

Physical touch is a popular love language, but what happens if your partner isn't meeting those needs for you? Stanton argues that a lack of touch and even an inability to make eye contact could mean they are hiding something from you. "Lack of physical connection and a decrease in wanting to spend time with a partner is another alarm bell," the body language expert noted. "As well as physical touch, eye contact is another way of determining whether something is off in a relationship. 

Stanton elaborated, "Most eye contact between lovers is about five seconds before they look away or blink. If your partner is having trouble maintaining strong eye contact, this should be treated as a red flag." At the same time, Stanton warns these aren't rigid warnings. Occasionally, a cheating partner may overcompensate with eye contact to try to hide their actions too, so don't be oblivious or assume everything is okay if the situation is reversed. 

They are overdoing it with sarcasm

Some playful banter can be healthy in a relationship. Many partners find great joy in poking fun at one another while dishing out some sassy comments here and there. However, an overwhelming amount of sarcasm may be a way to divert your attention away from what's going on behind your back, as Darren Stanton warns. 

"If you're questioning your relationship, then trust your instinct and confront a partner for the truth. If you happen to accuse your partner of cheating and they use sarcasm as a defense, then again, this is a massive red flag," Stanton said. "Remember, an innocent person would not use humor or sarcasm to try to defuse a situation. Instead, they would use everything in their power to reassure you that everything was okay."

Suffice it to say, if your partner is showing any of these signs, there could be a chance they are being unfaithful, according to Stanton. Having an open and honest conversation is the best way to get to the bottom of it, but be prepared for a fight if they refuse to acknowledge their bad behavior.