Skincare Smoothies: What Are They, And Why Are They Taking Over The Internet (And Sephora Testers)?

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Whether your skin is battling dry, flaky patches or you're having a bout of the retinol uglies, your current skincare routine probably isn't going to cut it. As your skin reacts to shifts in the environment, various stressors in your life, or hormonal changes, you may need to introduce some new products into your collection in order to soothe your skin.

For a destroyed skin barrier or dehydrated skin, hunting down a hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer with ceramides is the key to patching up your burning, itchy epidermis. On the other hand, you may want to add a higher percentage of niacinamide to your favorite serum. If you're not the type to enjoy the slow, luxurious process of applying your skincare products, the thought of creating a skincare smoothie is enticing.

A concept coined by Drunk Elephant, the creation of a skincare smoothie consists of cocktailing various skincare products to create a custom item that attends to your personal skin needs.

What are skincare smoothies?

Known for their powerful skincare products and beloved as one of the best fragrance-free clean skincare brands on the market, Drunk Elephant is changing the game once again with the introduction of skincare smoothies. Disillusioned with the need to layer skincare items one by one, they formulated their products to be able to be mixed together based on the skin's needs during the day or night.

Drunk Elephant shared a few of its employees' favorite skincare smoothies, based on the intricacies of their skin. For extra hydration, one staffer loves using both the Lala Retro Whipped Cream and the Protini Polypeptide Cream alongside the Virgin Marula Oil and A-Passioni Retinol Cream for a moisturizing, smoothing cocktail.

Fusing together skincare products for a specialized formula is certainly innovative, and it has grown popular online, so TikTok users have taken to replicating the technique.

Should you make a skincare smoothie?

It's obvious that if you're looking to make a skincare smoothie, you should do it at home where you're free to make a mess instead of leaving it to other adults to clean it up for you. However, without Drunk Elephant products, you may not be able to make a skincare smoothie of your own. The key behind Drunk Elephant's ability to create skincare smoothies is the fact that they were formulated to be mixed together.

Other skincare brands may not be created to intermingle, and the chance of one brand mixing well with the other is pretty low. Not only are most skincare items created to be layered and absorbed on the skin separately, but it's unlikely that different brands with different formulations are going to blend easily.

If you want the benefits of a skincare smoothie, look for a product that has ingredients that fit various needs of yours. For example, products such as the Roc Retinol Moisturizer and the Paula's Choice C5 Super Boost Vitamin C Moisturizer combine hydration with brightening and exfoliating properties that don't harm the efficacy of either ingredient.