Sheer Pantyhose Nails Are The Classiest Minimal Manicure Trend

When you think of "sexiness," nails aren't always the first things that come to mind. But, boy, do we have the manicure for you? A new nail craze is sweeping the beauty industry, partially stemming from the stunning "glazed donut" nail movement. While still holding on to the high shine finish, this latest concept adds a sheer mystique that will leave your hands looking effortlessly seductive.

Known as "pantyhose nails," this look pays homage to the garment introduced in the 1950s by inventor late Allen Gant Sr. By the mid-1960s, anyone rocking a mini skirt was likely wearing the sheer tights. Though not as prominent today, the pantyhose nail design captures the spirit of this iconic look: a tinted, transparent overlay that allows your natural nails to shine through in an ultra-feminine way that mimics the way pantyhose lays against the skin. Since this look can be pulled off in several different ways, allow your imagination to run wild with color combinations.

Pantyhose nails take little effort with tons of reward

Thanks to Chanel nail expert Betina R. Goldstein, pantyhose nails are growing in popularity. This is partially thanks to their simplicity. If a trip to the nail salon isn't in your weekly budget, do not fret. A sheer pink polish for the base coat and a translucent black luster to finish it off can easily give you the pantyhose look.

Since the overall format is extremely DIY-friendly, there are ways to make it your own. In Goldstein's well-received demonstration on Instagram, after she applied a naturally tinted base coat and followed up with a see-through black polish, she then applied slender, black strips on the tips of the nails. While a minor detail, this drove home the point, strongly resembling the stitching on black pantyhose. In other Instagram posts, Goldstein shows minimalistic nail art strategies, including natural bases with goldfish and simple swirls. If your hand isn't the steadiest, your manicurist can pull off this trend without you breaking the bank.

Pantyhose nails can add character to a classic black manicure

Black nail polish has stood the test of time, a gender-neutral color that has appealed to both men and women. Aside from just a fashion statement, wearing black nail polish likely means you're someone with an awe-inspiring level of creativity. With pantyhose nails putting a spin on this signature hue, it's the perfect playground for the artistic crowd to shine.

In a conversation with HuffPost, Paintbox manicurist Gerry Holford calls black nails "chic." This word is exactly what comes to mind when looking at the aesthetically pleasing nylon-inspired standout. Sheer polish tends to work with any outfit for any occasion. Whether you're headed to First Sunday at church or Saturday brunch with your pals, a clear or clear-tinted gel coat will do the trick. And if you've been itching to try a darker shade on your nails without going too drastic, pantyhose nails could be just what you're looking for.