The Viral Chunks Claw Clip Is Nearly Indestructible - And Perfect For Trendy Updos

Hair accessories are just as important as jewelry. If belts and purses can make or break your outfit, then scrunchies and headbands can make or break your hairdo. One ornament your hair will thank you for is the claw clip. It was popularized in the '90s and stayed in vogue as an essential hair tool. "You can't go wrong with a large claw clip," Amamda Varano, founder of hair accessory brand Toni Rose says. "It holds up all hair types and is so versatile" (via NBC News).

The claw clip is a loveable, fun, and functional hair charm. Just don't forget you're wearing one and slam it into your headrest (ouch). You can do many cute hairstyles using just one claw clip. Or let it be the highlight and add more. It's suitable for the office and a night out. But that's not why the claw clips from the company Chunks are stirring up so much chatter on TikTok.

Chunks claw clips prove craftsmanship makes a difference

Quality matters, especially when you're building up your haircare arsenal. It's also what got everyone talking about this particular hair clip. The Chunks Shop created a TikTok stomping on their hair claw and Target's dupe. Now we don't usually dance on top of our hair accessories, but the battle of the hair claws was impressive.

Target's acrylic knockoff did not stand a chance and snapped in half after one stomp. The Chunks was left standing after surviving two brutal walkovers. The original Chunks clip clearly exceeded in craftsmanship. It was made from cellulose acetate, and the pattern was layered on by hand. We love a good Target haul, but mass-produced is mass-produced and doesn't stand a chance against artisanry.

Chunks started in 2019 and produces with the goal of being responsibly made. The company even became climate neutral certified in October 2022. The checkered claw attacked in the video is a part of their medium size claw collection and costs $18. But no matter the size, we have cute ways to style it.

The hairstyles claw clips were made for

Claw clips are the hair tie replacement for people with style. It is an extra pop of color and design. Some of the Chunks clips have charm too! An easy way to style your hair claw is in a French twist. Gather your hair at the base of your neck and twist it into a thick lock. Then secure it to the back of your head with a large claw. Since all your hair will be snug in the clip, the claw must be large. For those with a voluminous mane, the half-up do is killer. As if you're forming a ponytail, gather the hair from the tip of your ears and clench it with your favorite claw. The key to hairdos with these accessories is ensuring you have the right size for your hair's thickness.

Tiny claws might seem impractical, but they are embellishments that make your hairstyle stand out. Instead of securing your pigtails with scrunchies, use a tiny claw. They'll be easier to put on and more stylish. Clip your mini claws throughout your braids or waves for even more creative play. It's like the trending '90s butterfly clip all over again.