What Really Happens To Your Skin When You Eat Salty Snacks Before You Go To Sleep

If you find yourself investing in the best cleanser for your skin type, consistently washing your makeup off before bed, and following a skincare routine perfectly, theoretically, your skin should be at its finest. It takes work to achieve that clear and glowy skin. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. You may feel like you're doing everything right, but if you're still having trouble loving the way your skin looks in the morning, there may be another problem.


Often, if topical skin treatments aren't doing the trick, it's recommended to start looking into other aspects of your lifestyle that could affect your skin, like your climate or diet. Since the food you consume is actually considered an environmental factor that can impact your skin's overall vibrance, it's worth analyzing the items in your daily diet.

While premade meals and overly processed carbohydrates are often high in oils and can cause your skin to break out, they usually contain high amounts of sodium as well, which can cause inflammation in your body. Therefore, it's essential to analyze what foods you are eating, especially right before bed.

Salty foods can lead to puffy skin

Many people start feeling peckish after dinner and turn to late-night snacking to honor that craving. Of course, what you are eating will have an impact on your skin's overall health, but when you are eating matters as well. Choosing a salty snack of potato chips right before going to bed can actually cause facial bloating. Your late-night sushi order may sound delicious at the time, but soy sauce also contains a lot of salt. Similarly, an evening charcuterie board filled with dried cheeses and cured meats is not the best option.


You may notice that your face is naturally puffier when you first wake up. While it's normal for your face to hold onto fluid throughout the night, what you eat before bed can also enhance your skin's overall puffiness. This is mainly due to the sodium in salt causing your blood vessels to carry extra water, leading them to swell. This won't just raise your blood pressure but will be visible externally. While consuming salty foods at night can result in various parts of your body feeling swollen, you will likely notice it the most in your face and around your eyes the following day.

How to depuff your face in the morning

Luckily, there are many ways to combat a swollen face in the morning if you indulged in some salty snacks the night before. The best thing you can do is drink water. Rehydrating your body after a long night does wonders for rebalancing your skin.


You may also find that adding gua sha to your skincare routine is worth your time. Massaging your face with a tool or jade roller can be super helpful in stimulating lymphatic drainage because it helps to recirculate fluid. Washing your face with cold water can also reduce facial bloating because it restricts those blood vessels. Similarly, reaching for a caffeinated eye cream can help to brighten up your under eyes and boost circulation.

Ultimately, consuming a lot of sodium in the form of salty snacks may not be the best idea at night if you are consistently waking up with a swollen face. Reaching for some hydrating fruit might make you feel better in your own skin, literally. However, the occasional bloat may be worth it for a fun night of snacks with friends. Life is all about balance; the same goes for your skin health. Plus, understanding why you may be struggling with puffy skin in the morning will help you make intuitive decisions each night when those cravings kick in.