The Simple Hack To Find The Right Size For Your Press-On Nails (And Only Requires A Coin And A Phone)

There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting a fresh set of nails. No matter the color, shape, or size, applying new nails is a great way to be fashionable and show the world what kind of person you are. From coffin nails to optical illusions, there are endless ways to express yourself. And if you choose to wear press-on nails, you can swap between your favorite styles whenever the mood hits you.

Wearing press-on nails comes with several other benefits. They do zero damage to your natural nail, can be plucked off and swapped out at any time, and are a much cheaper alternative to acrylics in the long run. Did we mention that there's a press-on nail for every nail shape? They're the standout winner of artificial nails when it comes to versatility.

But let's not pretend it's a fun time sorting through a freshly opened box of press-ons to find a perfect match for each nail size. The whole process can leave you feeling, well, pressed. This is especially true if none of them fit your natural nails, meaning you've wasted your time and money. That's why we are so pleased to have come across this godsend of a press-on nail hack. It helps you find the right size nails every time, all with the help of a coin and your phone.

How to use the coin method

Have you ever ordered a set of press-on nails from a favorite retailer only to find them too big or too small to stick over your natural nails? This situation is a huge disappointment, especially if you ordered from an overseas company and waited weeks for your nails to arrive (yes, we're sadly speaking from personal experience!). You can try to work with wrong sized nails, but the secret to making press-on nails last longer is having a secure fit. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have a set of press-ons curated to your exact nail size before you commit to buying them?

This TikTok user had the same thought. Maganda Nails, a press-on nail boutique, knows the struggle of wasting money on nails. Keeping that struggle in mind, they developed a simple hack to eliminate "blind buying" when it comes to press-on nails.

It's easy. To get started, grab a coin and set it on a flat surface. Next, take a pic of your hand next to the coin, making sure your polish-free nails are clearly visible in the photo. Then, take another photo with just your thumb, nail side up, and the coin. The coin helps set a size comparison of your nail, which Maganda Nails will use to get your perfectly sized press-ons.

Get your correct nail size within a few days

So you've got a few pictures of your fingers next to a coin. Now what? Well, this is where the fun part comes in. Simply send your photos to Maganda Nails and the boutique will use them to size your press-on nails for you. They're cutting out all the guesswork and frustration of buying press-ons by helping you size your nails. It's safe to say we're feeling super glamorous with this hack.

To get up with Maganda Nails, simply send them a DM on Instagram or grab their email from their website. Make sure to include both photos (the one of your nails and of your thumb) in your message, and let them know you'd love to get your nails sized. They promise to get back to you within a day or so.

This is such a cool hack because the owner is offering this extra service for free, and you can also use the sizes you're given to buy nails offered by the boutique. No more buying and hoping for the best. After using this hack, you'll know for sure what size press-on nails you need.