White Denim Is Not Just For Summer - Here's How To Style It All Year Round

White denim — or, white anything fashion-wise — can be very intimidating. The thought of putting on a trendy outfit and then immediately staining it with your morning cup of coffee is genuinely terrifying. Fashion should be all about what you like and what makes you comfortable.

Conversely, it's often more rewarding and confidence-building to branch out and try something a little risky sometimes, something that you never thought you would like. Go on, take the plunge! Get out of your comfort zone and incorporate white denim into your outfits any time of year because yes, despite what we've been taught, you can wear white after Labor Day.

If you are sufficiently motivated to give white denim a try but are staring at a closet full of blue and black jeans and unsure where to begin, the following outfit inspiration should help you get started with white denim as your newest wardrobe staple. 

A pop of color

Just because your denim of choice is white doesn't mean the whole outfit has to be staid and monochromatic. You can pair your white denim with a sweater in a bright, eye-catching color — consider yellow, pink, kelly green, teal, or red. Then, layer on some necklaces or scarves and add a few bracelets. If you're feeling adventurous, incorporate a bright red lip and big sunglasses. This would be the perfect look to bridge the changing of seasons from winter to spring.

Casual yet chic

One thing to keep in mind when styling white denim is to dress it up while also keeping your comfort in mind. You can do this by wearing a colorful pair of sneakers and a plain white top with your jeans, and then adding a sophisticated flair with a fun patterned blazer. Tie it all together and elevate the look by including matching accessories, such as a belt, a purse, and some understated jewelry. The final product will look really cohesive and should be super comfortable too. 

Utilize a statement piece

For a really sleek, modern look, build an entire outfit with white and/or neutral colors except for one featured statement piece. You can wear all white — white denim, a white sweater, white boots, and a white purse — and then choose coordinating accessories. For example, as you can see in the above photo, the model has a dainty gold necklace that matches the gold accents on her purse. Then, select one non-white article of clothing that is stylish, colorful, or notable in some way, like her iridescent, eye-catching vest. 

Double denim

Do not be afraid to rock double denim. Choose a white denim jacket to go with your white jeans. For shoes, you can pick a pair of knee-high boots (also in white or gray) to tuck the pants into. Since white goes with any color, you can pick the shade or pattern of your choice for the top underneath the denim jacket. In the example above, a red turtleneck peeks out from under the jacket, mixing warm and cool colors.

Pretty in pink

For a sophisticated yet fun look that would make Elle Woods green with envy, pair your white denim with hot pink. Depending on the season, you can style your jeans with a hot pink tank top. Choose something ruffly or sparkly for additional visual interest. You can add white heels, a pink purse, and pink lipstick for an even girlier edge. You could also consider rocking white jeans with rips in them if you want to juxtapose the bright pink with the distressed, grungier look.

In the trenches

When wearing white denim in the fall and winter months, pair your jeans with a trench coat to stay warm and look stylish at the same time. In the example above, the TikToker chose a black and white houndstooth pattern for added contrast. This, plus the white sweater, black high-heeled boots, and black purse provide a really nice polarity between dark and light. If houndstooth isn't your thing, feel free to opt for a trench in simple brown, tan, or black.

Not-so-dark academia

If you want to go for Gen Z's light academia aesthetic, choose a flared pair of white jeans and belt them. Pair with a comfy sweater and a plaid blazer and add some gold jewelry accents. Paint your nails any color from your outfit, and don't forget a bag or purse big enough for any and all school essentials. With this look, you'll have the air of the most fashion-forward student in the grad program, who knows that an outfit put together well can be just as strong as an A+ thesis.

Leather jackets

When pairing your white denim with a coat, consider a leather jacket as your outerwear of choice. You can choose a black leather (or pleather) jacket if you want to go for the classic look. Or, you can choose a leather jacket in a different, contrasting color for something a bit more out there. Depending on the color you choose, you may be able to find boots that match too. Put all of this together with a pair of ripped white jeans for an outfit that screams confident cool.

Sporty street style

For this look, the white denim of choice is a baggy pair of jeans, paired with an oversized black blazer. The slightly-too-big look can be contrasted nicely with a crop top and a tiny purse — but if crop tops are not your thing, you can still pull this off by tucking your shirt of choice into the jeans. To keep your ensemble casual, throw on a Yankees ball cap (or whichever hat represents your favorite team, brand, etc.).

Layers on layers

When styling white denim for seasons other than the summer, you will most likely want to do some layering. For one thing, layers will keep you warm during the colder months. For another, layered outfits with deliberate choices can look really well coordinated. In the example above, the model has cuffed the white denim pants she's wearing. Then, she layered a tan sweater over a navy-and-white striped long-sleeve shirt. She's also layered two gold necklaces and a bunch of rings for a harmonious look. Layers on layers on layers!