Champagne Frosted Nails Are The Glittery Yet Neutral Manicure Trend You Need To Try

Ever since Hailey Bieber broke the internet with her glazed donut nails, several renditions of the trend have risen in popularity, including the glazed French vanilla nail trend and strawberry glazed nails. One version is a sparkly spin on a neutral look that can add some glow to just about any set of hands. The technique works with almost any fine glitter polish and resembles a festive adult beverage used by the masses to celebrate the most special occasions.

The champagne frosted nails are in, and judging by their versatility, this nail fad is likely here to stay. Champagne typically varies in color, usually seen in golden, taupe, or even pink, as with most Rosé's. Therefore, the alcoholic beverage is the perfect way to describe the trend, as these are the colors and undertones used to pull off this classy nail look. While some nail salon attendees shy away from sparkles, as they can oftentimes be associated with events such as proms or weddings, champagne frosted nails do a great job of offering some pizazz without being overwhelming.

The possibilities are endless with champagne frosted nails

The "frosted" component is typically clear, with a slightly cloudy top coat that gives a frosted window illusion. Now incorporate the "champagne" aspect, which describes the inclusion of a light pop of color. These combined leave a captivating appearance sure to turn heads. The beauty of it all is that multiple pastels and neutral colors can be used to execute the look.

U.K. nail tech @PhoebeSummerNails demonstrated a stunning oval version of frosted champagne nails on her Instagram. She used the colors "Bae," a glistening light pink, to pull off a rosé and "Halo," a gold shimmer resembling the bubbly utilized to make a toast on New Year's Eve. Both gorgeous polishes are from Cirque Colors.

While Phoebe's look is rich in pigmentation, there is a way to pull off a more subtle version of this style. How about just adding a tad bit of frost? Since most people's natural nail beds are already a pinkish color, a few coats of fine glitter on the nail can add just enough glam to give you a bit of shine. Nail content creator @OverGlowEdit shared a stunning photo of her naturally long claws draped in Gel Care's "Oyster Velvet." This nude polish mimics an oyster shell with a light golden base and white notes of sparkle.

Champagne frosted nails go with any outfit in your closet

Whether you're going to a nightclub, your niece's quinceañera, or a networking mixer, champagne frosted nails are suitable for any outfit. So yes, that lime green mini dress, navy blue gown, or bright pink pantsuit will pair just fine with this manicure because the champagne frosted trend is rooted in nude colors. As we know, nudes know no boundaries, and different skin tones can explore different shades of this soft hue.

For instance, those with medium and dark complexions typically gravitate towards lighter nudes. A base shade such as Orly's "Sheer Nude" with the beauty brand's "Let's Get Fizz-icle" on top can give you a gorgeous champagne frosted look reminiscent of Tsarine Cuvee Adriana Brut Champagne.

This multifunctional color scheme can work great for those who dislike changing their nail colors often. Even if you are new to the champagne frosted trend, you can rest assured knowing that this latest beauty craze will presumably be around for a while. LeChat Nails Educator Syreeta Aaron says tells Byrdie that frosted nails aren't a new thing, having been a salon staple for many years, though celebrities have recently boosted the style's popularity. During that next appointment with your trusted nail tech, try your hand at the champagne frosted nails. We promise you won't be disappointed.