Everything We Know About I Love A Mama's Boy's Robert And Kristy

Season 3 of TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" introduced viewers to four couples who were all stuck in odd love triangles with the male spouse's overbearing mother. Robert and Kristy became instant standouts among the pairs with Robert's confrontational mother Nancy who opposed her son's marriage from the start (via CheatSheet). Robert and Kristy met at a gym and instantly hit it off. The farmer and MMA fighter knew he was ready to spend forever with Kristy. But Kristy believes Nancy became jealous once she and Robert welcomed their daughter and eloped.

According to Nancy, she believes Kristy isn't worthy of being married to her son because she doesn't do enough to take care of him. To make matters worse, Nancy encouraged Robert to get a paternity test on his daughter with Kristy to confirm if he was really the father or not. "Kimberly don't look nothing like my son," Nancy declared in a YouTube clip of the show. Kristy was convinced that Nancy was trying to "sabotage" her family. Robert and Kristy eventually stormed out of Nancy's home due to her "toxic" behavior with fans applauding Robert for being one of the few men on the show who stood up against his mother to defend his wife. But even a positive paternity test didn't stop Nancy from doubting the DNA results.

Nancy still doubted the DNA results

A TLC YouTube clip from the show, reveals Robert's remorse with his wife taking a DNA test just to prove to his mother that their daughter is his biological child. Once Kristy and Robert received the positive paternity test, Kristy was ready to go to Nancy's house to confront her with the results. Nancy was clearly bothered by Kristy being inside her home and scolded Robert for bringing her daughter-in-law. "You could've came by yourself," Nancy quipped. But Kristy was more focused on showing Nancy the DNA results which confirm Kimberly is 99.99% Robert's child. However, Nancy was still not convinced.

"But why couldn't it be 100%," she asks Robert and Kristy. Nancy explains why she doubts the results since they seem "fake," she said during her confessional. Nancy accuses Kristy of altering the documents to say Kimberly is Robert's daughter. But Kristy calls her bluff telling Nancy that she must not want Kimberly to be Robert's child since she's so devoted to doubting the paternity. "She didn't want Kimberly to be Robert's," Kristy tells producers, noting how "over it" she is of Nancy's attempts to break up her family. However, Nancy believes Kristy is "evil" enough to alter the DNA results, and wants her to take the test in front of her and Robert. Nancy's response to the paternity results showed Kristy how "low" her mother-in-law could go to come between her son's marriage. She also isn't the only one who dislikes Kristy.

Robert's whole family dislikes Kristy

Robert's family also expressed their distaste for his wife Kristy in a Facebook clip from the show's playlist. When Robert and Kristy arrived at Nancy's house, Robert's brother Jacob and his aunt Peggy barely greeted her. Jacob told producers he was surprised that Robert would bring Kristy around the family considering how everyone feels about her. "I can't believe Robert brought Kristy. Nancy knows that I don't like this girl," Peggy tells producers.

Cameras captured Kristy awkwardly greeting Robert's family, with Nancy seemingly ignoring her presence. Kristy says she's "used to" Nancy mistreating her. In her confessional, Nancy admits that she is a "very jealous mother" when it comes to her son's dating life and has "never approved" of Kristy since the day Robert introduced her. The awkward tension at the table while Robert ate his mom's food highlighted how at odds Kristy is with her in-laws — there are surefire signs her mother-in-law doesn't like her. Robert also appears uncomfortable with the visible rift between his wife and family. But Kristy only heightens the strain when she openly asks Robert if he notices how "toxic" his family is. In her confessional, Kristy explains her frustrations with Robert's family being "rude" to her all the time and said she could no longer "hold back" confronting Nancy about wanting a DNA test for their daughter. But despite all the family drama, Robert and Kristy are still going strong. He posted an Instagram video of his wife on Valentine's Day celebrating eight years together.