The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Are Shaking Their Heads Over The Bill, Sheila, And Ridge Plot Twist

The question about why Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) claimed to be in love with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), has finally been answered on "The Bold and the Beautiful." After confessing to Sheila that he tried to kill Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) by having him tossed out of a helicopter, the ruthless tycoon acknowledged that he still wanted to see Ridge dead. Bill tried hard to get Sheila to open up to him and confess her various evil deeds, and now it's evident why he's been encouraging her to do so. 

Bill even tried to relate the time he almost killed his son, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), to when Sheila almost killed her own son, Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). She didn't fall for it, feeling as though something was off with Bill. We then watched him enter a secret room, revealing the FBI has hidden cameras covering every corner of Bill's house, and the person overseeing the operation is none other than Ridge!

Sheila called her secret lover, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), asking if it was possible that Bill was on to their affair. Watching her on the phone, Bill declared to Ridge that he simply couldn't wait any longer for Sheila to be incarcerated for life. The revelation comes just as fans were starting to grow weary of Bill's strange obsession with Sheila, and this new turn of events really has the conversation abuzz on social media.

Fans were divided on the revelation

"The Bold and the Beautiful's" official Twitter account posted a teaser clip depicting Sheila on the phone asking Deacon if Bill is onto them. We see Bill with Ridge in their secret room watching Sheila, as Bill states, "We're on to you all right." Ridge responds, "We're gonna have her exactly where we want her. This is gonna get real interesting real fast." The caption accompanying the video quoted Ridge, adding, "Are you ready for it?" 

Clearly, nobody saw this coming. An excited viewer responded, "I didn't see this coming! I can't wait till next week!" Another fan posted, "I knew there had to be something afoot with #BillSpencer!!! Very happy to see he hasn't lost his soul, after today's episode with Sheila! Really great to see Ridge back too!" while one especially shocked viewer admitted, "I wasn't expecting that [Ridge] and Bill are working together." 

Yet, many fans were also confused because Sheila would have been convicted by Steffy and Liam Forrester's confession that she tried to kill them, with one pointing out, "This doesn't make sense, why blackmail Steffy to get her [Sheila] released? They had Sheila on a double attempted murder & she escaped custody." Still, the Ridge/Bill team-up has most viewers thrilled, with one noting, "This should be fun watching these two together!"