Are I Love A Mama's Boy's Tre And Abbey Still Together?

TLC has become best known for its reality tv shows that give viewers a glimpse into the lives of strangers who have interesting backgrounds. From large families like "19 Kids and Counting" or "Sister Wives," to alternative medicine, such as "Dr. Pimple Popper" and "My Feet Are Killing Me," the network has continued to stun fans with the content it produces.

Not every TLC experience is a wholesome one, however. What it's really like to be on a TLC show varies for each cast member. For the stars of the hit show 'I Love A Mama's Boy," showing off their complicated relationships with men who prioritize their mother over them with the world can't be easy. It's no surprise that many couples have called it quits after appearing on the show.

Fans will recall Abbey England and Tre Welch, a pair who struggled deeply with an overbearing mother. Here's how their romance has fared since the cameras stopped rolling.

The pair struggled on the show

Abbey England and Tre Welch revealed their strange relationship for the world to see on season three of "I Love A Mama's Boy." The couple struggled with Tre's mother, Lorenda, who was overly involved in her son's life. In an episode, Tre shared how he felt Abbey was trying to ruin his relationship with his mother. "I understand why Abbey wants us to have more space between my mom, but it's going to ruin some things," he shared. "It seems like she's trying to tear something apart that you really can't tear apart" (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

The rift between Abbey and Tre's mother was further complicated by the fact that the couple shared a son named Noah. Abbey wanted Tre to be more involved with their little family rather than with his mother, but he struggled deeply with the separation. Fans were convinced that these two wouldn't last, and we finally have a verdict.

The couple have called it quits

During their season, Abbey England and Tre Welch called it quits during the final episode. "I've had a lot of time to think about my relationship with Tre because Lorenda's not around like she used to be, but he's gotten so involved with his mom and the videos that there's no attention on me," shared Abbey (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). She eventually decided to call it off with Tre.

Stating that she deserved a partner who was more involved with her than his mother, Abbey left to stay with her mother. However, fans on Reddit did some digging on their social media platforms and found that the breakup appears to have been real, and not just for the cameras. A scroll through both of their profiles on Instagram shows no sign of the other.

Lorenda must be thrilled that the pair are done for. She did throw a major celebration when she heard they broke up on the show, yelling, "Finally!"