'Milk Bath' Nails Are The Latest Dreamy, Minimalist Manicure Trend You'll Want To Try

Manicures can be an important part of your self-care routine, helping you maintain beautiful nails while promoting relaxation and confidence. The significance — and fun! — of manicure trends shouldn't be overlooked.

In the new media age, nail styling has taken over the beauty community. Since most popular apps are visually based, it's easy to find nail inspiration whenever you're online. From shape and length to the actual design, nail looks can vary more than any other form of aesthetic expression. Whether your style is more subtle and you like a classic French look, or you enjoy a more elaborate design like coquette-inspired nails, there's a tried and true manicure trend out there for you.

With all the nail inspo available, it seems minimalist manicures are always on trend. Bearing different names depending on shades and finishes, like the "clean girl" aesthetic and "baby boomer" nails, the bare look keeps coming back.

The minimalist approach to milk bath nails

One of this year's latest clean looks you'll want to try is minimalist 'milk bath' nails. The first iteration of this trend included pressing dried flowers into the polish, but this new twist skips the petals for a subtle, dreamy look.

Celebrities have already jumped on the bandwagon, with Kaia Gerber at the head. The model showcased the refined manicure trend at the 2023 Oscars afterparty hosted by Vanity Fair. Done by Natalie Minerva, the famous celebrity nail artist, and OPI Global Ambassador, it was meant to contrast Gerber's silver sequined dress. "Paying homage to Hollywood starlet style seemed fitting for the event, so we did a classic rounded nail shape in a milky sheer. Understated and clean, sophisticated, and stylish, with a customized color combination just for her," Minerva shared with Byrdie.

For achieving the dreamy look, Minerva says it's important to start with well-groomed nails. For Gerber's manicure, she used a customized mix of OPI nail products, including the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, the OPI Nail Lacquer in Samoan Sand and Bubble Bath, and the OPI Top Coat for a shiny finish.

How to achieve the milky look yourself

The minimalist approach to "milk bath" nails makes them simple to achieve on your own. If you don't have the time to go get your nails done at a salon, grab a few of the right polishes, and you can do the job at home.

Celebrity nail artist Gina Edwards says it's possible. "For a creamy, marshmallow look, opt for a soft white polish and a creamier white color. When the two interact, it will give that creamy, milky look. (You can also use baby pink.) Start with one coat of the solid and add two coats of a semi-sheer polish," she explains to Real Simple. Before starting, use a base coat, as it "will add a protective barrier between the natural nail and the polish," Edwards added.

With their chicness and simple execution, "milk bath" nails are set to become the new everyday staple. Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of Glosslab, tells Real Simple that the milky white color is "the perfect neutral that isn't as bright as a ... sharp white, giving a very naturally chic look that is perfect for any season." So, if you're unsure about your next manicure, remember that milky shades usually go with everything!