'Baby Boomer' Nails Are The Classic Look Making An Epic Comeback

Maximalism is officially out. You can see this in social media movements like the clean girl aesthetic and the rise of minimalist manicure styles such as "baby boomer" nails. But what exactly is this trend? In many ways, it's similar to a French manicure and is often referred to as French ombre nails. Like its counterpart, baby boomer nails pair a light pink base with a juxtaposing tip. However, baby boomer nails meld these attributes together to form a stunning gradient look that is alluring and captivating. Nail artist Jade Tang explained the origins of the aesthetic to Refinery29.

She said, "The ombré French design was an evolution from the classic French manicure look. It has been known to be dated back from around the 1940s (baby boomer years)." Tang added, "It's a timeless and elegant look — soft pink fading into frosted white tips — there's something romantic about it." Clutch Nails further notes that red, white, and pink were popular colors during the baby boom era, which denotes anyone born between 1946 and 1964. Although you could get this look done on long natural nails, acrylic is the way to go to achieve baby boomer nails. If you're intrigued by baby boomer nails, the designs and inspiration for this mani are infinite. 

Baby boomer nails are perfect for weddings

Because of their understated aesthetic, baby boomer nails are famously versatile. Nail artist Chloe Crow explained (via Today), "They're the most natural-looking nails and they will match any outfit." Ultimately, this has made this style a favorite among brides looking for a gorgeous yet straightforward look. 

Instagram user @lolodoesmynails showed off her client's classic baby boomer manicure that blends white with a pale pink shade. To keep the look uncomplicated but with a little more detail, you could add one rhinestone on each finger like Instagram user @motylove_paznokcie.

Elevate your baby boomer manicure

Although baby boomer nails take inspiration from the past, they don't have to be subdued or understated by any means. Take, for example, the manicure posted by Instagram user @elzbieta_laszewska_instruktor. With their gradient look, her manicure demonstrates the classic attributes of baby boomer nails. However, the red lip design transforms the manicure into a fun and aesthetically pleasing look. 

Likewise, a manicure posted by Instagram user @nailsonpoiint shows how a minimalistic heart design and a marble accent nail can take baby boomer nails from simple to stunning.

Rhinestones create a visually appealing look

If you love shine and texture, add rhinestones to your baby boomer manicure. In a TikTok, user @luzpantoja127 showed off her intricate, long, square baby boomer nails. Her manicure features two accent nails on each hand. Rhinestones fill the entirety of one nail, while her other nail has one rhinestone to complement a floral design. The result is a neutral look that is striking and visually appealing. To help keep rhinestones on your nail longer, protect your nails from water by wearing gloves while washing the dishes and doing other household activities.

Glittery and glamorous

Radiance does not have to come in the form of rhinestones; glitter can also do the trick. There are different ways to infuse glitter into your baby boomer manicure. Instagram user @manuelanails__ added glitter to one nail, keeping the rest of her pink and white baby boomer nails sparkle-free. User @hartme_sa added glitter only to the tip of her client's nails. @jkgetnailed, on the other hand, chose glitter for each of her nails. Needless to say, there are no rules for baby boomer nails. Add as much or as little glitter to best suit your style.

Add a dainty design

If flashy isn't your style, a dainty design for your baby boomer manicure is the way to go. Florals, for example, are chic and graceful. Instagram user @elegancjanails placed small flowers on two nails. This does not take away from her manicure but creates an effortless, eye-catching look. Similarly, @rachaeldone_nailartist added a lovely blue floral design on her sophisticated baby boomer nails. Another Instagram user, @noryeliz_beauty, did something different. Her nails feature tiny rhinestones on one nail and a floral french tip accent nail with rhinestones.

Infuse different colors into your baby boomer nails

While baby boomer nails typically come in muted shades, there's no reason why your manicure can't be vivid. Nail artist Tiffany Sem told Today, "I've done the ombre look with so many colors, ranging from the typical pink and white, peach and white — my favorite! — and tri-colored ombres with summer colors. The possibilities are endless." 

Instagram user @jet_set_beauty_nails posted a pink and purple baby boomer manicure perfect for Spring. In a TikTok, user @moonprincess.x showed how she created an artful light pink and black baby boomer manicure on acrylic stiletto nails.

Create a 3D masterpiece

If you want your baby boomer manicure to be a showstopper, make it 3D. TikTok user @nailsbybecerra created pink and blue baby boomer nails. While this color palette is already impressive, she takes it further by adding rhinestones and an acrylic floral 3D design. Instagram user @agloss_nail kept her baby boomer nails classically pink and white. However, she glued on a butterfly charm and pearls, making her manicure a work of art.

With that said, experts recommend getting your baby boomer nails done by a professional, as it can be challenging to DIY this look. TikTok user @chellysnails demonstrates how precise and delicate you need to be to achieve this manicure on acrylics.