Paying Attention To Your Facial Posture Can Keep Your Skin Supple

Sit up straight, don't slouch! — these are the common demands for good posture. Who hasn't heard about proper posture or been prompted to attain it? A neutral spine evenly distributes weight to your muscles, so you don't end up with lower back pain. It's what keeps tech necks and hunchbacks at bay. Just like exercise requires the correct form or you can open the door to injury, everyday life has that straight back and aligned shoulders stance.

But facial posture? It sounds like a fake smile plastered on your face all day. It sounds like the nightmares of a stiff face from Botox. However, facial posture can be a dream come true for supple skin. Your skincare routine has a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, but it might be missing attention to your face's posture. With a couple of tricks, soft and radiant skin won't be hard to acquire, even if you're slouching.

The proper facial posture

Facial posture is the position your face is in when it's relaxed. If a camera were to capture your face absent of expression or activity, the picture would expose your facial posture. And you might notice it doesn't look so relaxed. How we eat and sleep can affect how the face rests. Predominantly chewing or sleeping on one side can skew our facial posture. Stress is also a major factor in your facial positioning. Furrowing your eyebrows when trying to concentrate, or frowning when stress is over present, can create a facial posture that harms skin's elasticity. 

Your facial posture can contribute to dynamic wrinkles. That is creases caused by movements like squinting or smiling. Crow's feet and laugh lines are common types of dynamic wrinkles. For these deep-set lines, reversal is almost impossible. Like exercising helps to attain the right body posture, facial massages have added benefits that can improve your facial posture.

Facial yoga might be the answer to perfect posture

Yoga loosens muscles and eases stress. It is a great exercise for your body, but your face will benefit from the action too. Facial yoga combines massages and exercises that work the face's muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. Danielle Collins, a face yoga expert, tells Healthline, "Face yoga helps to lift and firm the muscles under the skin, which smooths lines and wrinkles." Overused muscles get to relax, while underused facial muscles are strengthened. This technique deters saggy skin. Here's a beginner-friendly tutorial on facial yoga.

However, if working out is your New Year's resolution that never gets completed, there is another way to keep your facial posture in check. In an interview with Byrdie, facial masseur Joseph Carrillo says, "Using facial tools, like spoons or a gua sha, can really help with releasing tension in the face, neck, head, ears, and chin." Yes, a gua sha is the secret to improved posture. Using a gua sha or jade roller just three times a week can make a significant difference in your facial posture. Say hello to supple skin!