The Slow Skin Care Trend Introduces Mindfulness To Your Beauty Routine

These days, everything is about speed. We scroll through our TikTok and see a shirt we want, and we can buy it immediately (plus, if it's on Amazon, we can even get it immediately, too). But when it comes to things like our bodies, results aren't as immediate as we'd like. And it's not just social media that is causing us to want things instantly. According to Forbes, it's a natural human instinct to want something right away, and we often look for things that can give us that immediacy, even if it isn't the best choice or method.

This is true for things like working out or eating healthier, where many of us give up if we don't see results immediately. The same can be said for our beauty and skincare routines. We may come across a product that says it will get rid of our acne or redness and expect to wake up in the morning with all our skin woes behind us. Unfortunately, to have the most ideal skin, you need to be mindful of your routine. This means taking it slow: which is why slow skin care is the latest trend we can get behind.

What is slow skin care?

If you've everĀ meditated, you know that doing it can help you slow down, stay calm, and focus on what's important. While the slowness of meditating can be challenging for some people to grasp, once they master it, they find their anxiety lessen and their overall mental and physical health drastically improving (CITE). When this same slow method is applied to our beauty routine, the same can happen to our skin.

According to Heather Hickman, Dermalogica's vice president of education, when it comes to skincare, taking things slow can help your skin cells regenerate the right way via The Zoe Report. Too many aggressive or intense products too often can cause your skin to become reactive, leading to skin sensitivities, allergies, and irritation. At its core, slow skincare means choosing a small amount of the right products for your skin, letting them work on your skin cells over time without switching to something new. If you hope to refresh your skin and get mindful about your beauty routine, here's how to do it.

How to do the slow skin care trend

While some trends are a bit daunting, the slow skincare trend is quite simple. The entire idea behind this trend is to simplify your beauty routine and focus on a small amount of high-quality, effective products. Hickman recommends finding products that are slow-release or ones that help with the skin's barrier. You also want to try and stick to gentler products, avoiding harsh ingredients, especially if you've found that those ingredients irritate your skin.

Some great products to consider include the Daily milkfoliant exfoliator by Dermatologica, which is made to calm the skin and uses an oat base to ensure a gentle approach while still being effective. The Loli Plum Elixir is great for hydrating dry skin (you can even use it on your hair!) and is part of the product line by Loli, which is waste, toxin, and trash free. No matter which products you choose, though, adding a mindfulness element will not only leave your skin refreshed but also leave your wallet and mind quite happy.