Pinky Rings Are Making A Comeback As The Ultimate Fashion Power Move

When thinking of rings, what comes to mind most often is diamond-encrusted engagement rings or wedding bands. However, you don't have to be married to wear this piece of jewelry. If you want to accessorize with rings anyway, or if you're married and want a little extra sparkle, you can add rings to multiple — or even all — of your fingers, especially your smallest one.

Pinky rings have been around since 3,500 B.C. and were common among the upper class in the Middle Ages. Beth Bernstein, jewelry historian and contributing writer at Forbes, says that Queen Victoria and her sons helped set the trend for men to wear pinky rings in 19th-century Europe. However, other than the queen, pinky rings were often worn by men only. They served as a status symbol or to signify that a man was off the market — either already married or sticking with his bachelor status.

In today's fashion landscape, pinky rings are making a serious comeback. Celebrities like Cynthia Erivo, Chris Pine, Harry Styles, Blake Lively, and Priyanka Chopra are just a few of the many stars who have been spotted wearing said rings and ushering them back into style for all.

The changing meaning of pinky rings

The symbolism of pinky rings has evolved over time. Instead of representing power or riches (or relationship status), they began to represent camaraderie and loyalty. They have been worn by members of tight-knit organizations such as the Cosa Nostra, which inspired mobster movies like "The Godfather," and the beloved Rat Pack musical group, featuring Frank Sinatra and a host of other iconic singers. Nowadays, pinky rings often represent independence and self-love, which is why adding them to your outfit can be a major power move.

Pinky rings are still a popular accessory among elite members of society — famous musicians, actors, and other public figures seem to love them. Meghan Markle even wore a pinky ring when photographed for TIME magazine with Prince Harry. However, pinky rings are not exclusively for the wealthy anymore. Anyone, men and women alike, can wear a pinky ring. And gone are the days when pinky rings only boasted a coat of arms or crest; today, they come in all sorts of designs and styles. You can accessorize with a pinky ring that's simple and elegant or glitzy and extravagant, depending on your tastes and outfit of choice. Whether your pinky ring holds any sort of meaning or is just for show is up to you.

Choosing a pinky ring

If you are looking for a pinky ring that represents self-love, the company Fred and Far manufactures a line of Self Love Pinky Rings. To inspire people to love themselves wholly, their rings come with a "pinky pledge card" to sign. This pledge card states that you will pinky promise to be true to yourself and choose yourself daily.

To pay homage to the signet rings worn by royals throughout history (and even today, as in the case of King Charles III), you can choose to get a pinky ring monogrammed with your initials. Another way to express yourself and your personality is to choose a pinky ring featuring your favorite gemstone or birthstone. Wearing jewelry with your birthstone may even bring you luck. If you want the simplest option in a pinky ring, you can get a small band in silver, gold, or the metal of your choosing.

Pinky rings have a rich (albeit elitist) history in the fashion world. Now, they're accessible to all. Wear yours proudly as a symbol of your independence and confidence in yourself — or as a symbol that you're as fashion-forward as they come.