The Best Mascaras You Can Use If You Have Straight Eyelashes

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Your makeup bag is full of an endless stream of mascaras guaranteed to lengthen and curl your straight lashes. But they're just not meeting the hype. Finding the best mascara for your lashes can feel like a never-ending battle you're easily losing. 

Don't give up the fight just yet. The perfect mascara to make your lashes curl with love is only a click away. Check out ten mascaras that are tried and true on straight lashes. Not only will they give you a little curl, but they'll add volume and length too.

Just remember that mascara alone isn't going to be enough to give you those curly lashes you've always dreamed of. Have success in your mind by curling your lashes first and always applying your mascara from the base up. The perfect product and an award-winning technique will have you doing a double take in the mirror. 

Intense color mascara to give your lashes a big curl

Do your lashes fall flat? Plump up the volume of your straighter-than-straight lashes with Yves Saint Laurent Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara. In addition to being smudge-proof and lengthening, it gives you intense black lashes that will make all those false lashes out there jealous.

The smooth, fluffy brush ensures you can hit every lash perfectly to get the most curl and height. It's a one-two plump package you don't want to miss for lashes that stand at attention.

Lightweight mascara formula with a luminous lash look

Volume boosting mascara formulas aren't known for providing the best curl. The weight of the mascara tends to drag everything down, so your lashes point forward. Nars Climax is a volumizing mascara that withstands the test. The no-clumping formula is perfect for adding multiple coats without giving off Halloween spider-eye vibes. The airy, whipped texture makes it light, so your lashes don't fall.

However, when you're adding those necessary coats, you need to have a little bit of patience. You'll get the best look if you apply a coat and allow it to dry before adding another. It takes time to have the look, and lightweight feel your straight lashes crave.

Long-lasting lift for everyday lashes

When it comes to curling mascaras, Yves Saint Laurent is where it's at. Their "The Curler" mascara gives you that everyday, luminous curl you crave for a toned-down lash look. This laid-back look is achieved with the help of their unique hybrid brush.

One of this curling mascara's best features is its staying power. The fan effect it creates lasts you all day without any fallout. You just curl and go. It's as simple as that.

Waterproof lash curling formula for an intense look

You might not be one to wear your mascara into a pool, but you could if you wanted to with Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift mascara. When they say this stuff is waterproof, it's no joke. You can put water on your eyes and rub them – nothing. Therefore, getting it off can be a challenge. You'll need a good cleanser to go back to that natural look.

But the work is worth it. Using microfiber tech, Maybelline adds bulk to your lashes without weighing them down. It gives you a lift and volume that fits its name. 

Affordable mascara with a big payoff

Finding a mascara that gives you curl doesn't have to leave your bank account dry. Some of the most affordable mascaras on the market are also some of the best for curl and staying power. Bye Bye Panda Eyes! is around five bucks and offers a look to die for. The fluffy brush targets each lash to make them spring toward heaven.

While it's not hard to remove, this mascara has a staying power that's hard to match. Even on the lower lashes, it doesn't rub off onto your eyes. With just one coat, you'll have curly, luxurious lashes you won't ever want to live without.

Volumizing mascara for dramatic lashes

Are you ready to say, "hello, lashes?" Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is here for you. This mascara isn't kidding by the name overcurl. The easy-to-apply, volumizing formula sends your lashes up, up, up. It's one of those mascaras perfect for a dramatic daytime effect or a night on the town.

When it comes to cleanup, it's not too shabby, either. It's as simple as adding a little soap and wiping away. However, given the easy cleanup, it won't hold up against tears or water.

Lengthening mascara that adds the perfect lift

Short lashes are a bummer. Short, straight lashes are a double whammy. If you want to get the length but also need the lift, Essence Lash Princess will be your bestie. The unique shape of the applicator allows you to build up the coats to sculpt out your lashes for that perfect length.

Additionally, the fiber brush allows you to work from the roots up to create that dramatic curl straight lashers need. However, this formula does take a minute to dry (to help you build up your lashes), so you might get a bit of smearing if you blink too early.

Efficient brush to get every lash lifted

Sometimes it's all about the brush when it comes to creating that perfect curl. Etude House Curl Fix is like a perm for your lashes. Using a patented brush with a C curl, the brush works to sweep the lashes upwards.

In addition to an eye-popping lift on your lashes, this mascara has a whipped consistency that makes it feel light on your eyes. It also has some serious staying power that can easily handle a day at the gym. The only downside is that it takes some elbow grease to remove it.

Flake-free mascara for nourishing lift

Flaking mascara isn't sexy. But when you're trying to volumize and lift your lashes, it can happen. Tarte SEA Surfer Curl mascara is the best of both worlds. Using a nourishing formula with algae extract and vitamin E, this mascara gives you a weightless curl that's great for short, straight lashes.

You also don't have to worry about the chemicals because Tarte boasts that their formula is free of sulfates and parabens. However, if you like to really build those lashes up, you might experience a bit of clumping with this formula.

Smudge-Proof formula for lashes that wow

Not everyone wants lashes that hit their eyelids. If you want an all-day wear that gives your lashes a slight curl and coat, Code 8 Lash Sophisticate is right up your alley. The formula evenly coats and fans out your lashes, giving you a nice natural look. No one will know that your lashes don't curl naturally.

In addition to being a great everyday mascara, it's created with anti-smudge technology, so you can be sure the product will stay where it should. There's also a little vitamin A, and E added to nourish your lashes. When adding a bit of curl matters to your lashes, these are a few of the best out there.